Friday, May 21, 2010

Everybody Insult People Needlessly By Drawing Muhammad Day!

Well, yesterday was the big day....Everyone Draw Muhammad Day. And, as I do, I scoured the internet to see what was going on and what people were saying. You know, I was rather surprised. There actually WAS some good debate. And frankly SOME of the pictures were actually very well done and...*gasp*, even somewhat respectful. The majority, however, were just insanely stupid, horribly racist, and disgustingly bigoted. So were many comments left around the internet. Here is just a sampling, copied and pasted directly as they appeared on their original sites:

"***** Mohammed! This is a free country!!!!! and, I will say what I want. Censor South Park? Are you kidding me???????? This is going way to far!!!!"

Notice the stars? Ya...whatever word was there, and I presume it was fuck, was censored (not by me).

"Hahaha, I love it. Say, egc52556, were you not aware that almost EVERYTHING "sticks a finger in the eye of Muslims"? It's not like a cartoons of Mohammed can be stopped. I mean why not? the whole demeanor of the guy, the history of his antics, literally begs to be made a cartoon of, marrying a 9 year old, calling for the murder of Jews behind every rock, "No pictures of me", as if he was hiding from the "paparazzi" of the day, and then there's his promise of the "12 virgins", are you kidding me? this is a religion?. Let's hope Muslims finally get over themselves, if not, well maybe the rest of the civilized world will finally get it that Islam is a whackjob religion, as bad if not worse than Catholicism."

"Can you be a good Muslim and a good American? I doubt it."

"I'm sick of the Muslims getting preferential treatment....ooooo comedians can't mock you, but everyone else is open game."

I will now refer you to my previous posting on this blog.

"Welcome to America, stand up and take it, or LEAVE, it is that simple...take your extremest friends and go back to whatever country you came from....that is the essence of what we call "freedom of speech"."

"If anything happens to the creators of South Park, the world should go after all muslims...I'm sorry if you can't keep your extremest representatives in line, than all should pay the price..."

"Mohammed was a murderer, child molester, rapist, thief and liar, among his more notable achievements. He should be cartooned as a pig, a snake, some pestiferous vermin. He is, at present, undoubtedly much more concerned with the agonies he is suffering in Hell than with verbal or written insults. Islam is a religion of ignorance. Who in his right mind would follow a mohammedlike varmint anywhere, except to shoot it and claim the bounty?"

"The hysterical vapid extremists will scream no matter what. Let the cartoons begin."

"I think I'll draw Mohammed tomrrow... maybe I'll use some bacon as the medium."

"I think they are foolish for even suggesting they would kill anyone who drew their "god". Why? I know two things for fact. First, there are only 55,000 cops in Canada. Second, their are 33,000,000 Canadians, of which 3,700,000 are like me, a hunter; with lots of guns with scopes. You decide for yourself if killing one infidel is worth the fall out. Just a little food for thought."

"Good on you Molly Norris. Reveal through art the Muslim goat shagging wankers following the delusional ravings of yet another pediophile from a dark age. My check is in the mail."

"pbuh stands for poopy be upon him"

"I figure if the savages ever do take over, I’ll just keep my head down and continue on pretty much as I do now. It’s the gays, ecofreaks, multiculti demanders and vociferous atheists who are going to discover how the brave new world really works."

Oh GOOD, not only going after Muslims, but also adding in some gay bashing, and general hate against liberals.

"Generations of culturally proscribed first-cousin marriages have not served them well. It's like 'Deliverance', but with nuclear weapons instead of banjos. This will not end well."

"I’d draw something to show my support, but I’m not really sure I could draw a pedophile sodomite without violating some site more."

"Draw his head on a pig’s body. That will get the IslamoFascists riled up."

"Filthy ragheads should be burned for the way they think"

Isn't that sort of a veiled threat?? Isn't this what the whole day was AGAINST??

"those people can kiss my ****. go bleed all over something else liberal scum. muahahaha"

Wow, and it comes back to us darn liberals once again.

"Screw Islam. Oh, and here is a txt pic of Muhammad:


It's a pig faced Muhammad...get it?!?! Turn your head to the left...

Mulsims: Take that!!!
Rest of the world: You are welcome!!!"

"i submit that it is worth drawing muhammad ******* a pig while eating bacon and drinking vodka while watching middle eastern burka ****, LOOK OUT they're showing their wrists! what ***** "

"The beast that Islam has become will be defanged and declawed!"

yo champs...islam *****.....get real go fish...also have a BBG sandwich ******* delicious.

"mooslame lol"

"They are the scum of the earth. But I'm not the least bit surprised that Christians are running to their defense, after all, they share the same vulnerabilities and expect us to respect their bronze-age myths."


"Islam means submission. Islam and Western Civilization are incompatible.
The time is fast approaching to decide if we will submit or fight."

"I have no respect for mooselimbs."

"Next time you read someone writing that pbuh crap, try substituting the onomatopoeia for spit in your mind. It makes it more palatable."

"In the words of the cave dwellers: “Let it be so.”"

"After saying “Mohammed”, I sometimes add “PBUH”. The “P” stands for a word that sounds similar to “peace”, but has a completely different meaning."

"Bees Piss Upon Him."

"Those with talent please draw the cartoons-mine is but a stick figure (with a goat)- and enjoy. But draw a bead on the American Leftist, traitor and Dhimmitude and show courage to our weaker brothers that they can rise to the challenge. When Mohamed and his demon worshiping hords swarmed out of the desert they swept MOST everyone out their way but only MOST. On every front the moon god ran into strong opposition from great leaders who stopped them-sometimes permanantly sometimes only for awhile. But they were often stopped.Now we need to roll them back, first sweeping the American Traitors, Dhimmitude and such out of the way. Draw a bead.

What is this even about??? I also love the persons posting signature:

"Let your sidearm be like Master Card:
Don’t Leave home without it."

"Come on, if the KKK is protected under the first amendment then stupid-ass Mohammed is *definitely* fair game."

"I wrote to the Muslim Terrorist living in our white house and told him that his silly little allah is nothing more than a figment of someone's imagination. I told him that when he will stand before the only true God, (it is written that every human being will be required to do this), his silly little allah won't be there to help him. The blood dripping from his hands for all of the innocent murdered babies will be one topic God will take up with him. What a lonely, anguished spot he will be in."


Well, there you have it! Another successful day of promoting widespread Muslim bashing (and, of course, liberal bashing). So, was the day a success? Well, like I said, there was some good debate. A suprising number of comments I read on blogs and news stories were from people who didn't support the drawing of Muhammad as a protest, a sentiment I agree with. And, there was a good number of people who made very civil, very well worded posts of support for the protest.

Apparently, this is going to be an annual event. Great. We get to revisit all of this in a year! Oh GAWD!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Guy Fun! This Time, it's Veterans.

Well, well, well. What do we have here. A fresh bit of controversy around an animated program. This time the offending show was Family Guy! It appears that Family Guy, during their 150th show, ran a clip that is considered VERY offensive to Vietnam Vets (which I can see and understand). Grab your popcorn and get comfortable! Here is the offending clip.

Wow. Okay then. So what have some been saying about you might ask? Thank you for asking! Here are a few choice words I found posted in some blogs on the subject, posted in a fine array of colour to reflect the equally colourful language:
"The creator of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane deserves a swift kick to the face"

"Veterans, from 1776 on, have giving Seth MacFuckface and his ilk the freedom to push trash like Family Guy on the public. Piss on the graves of veterans, you pathetic piece of shit. Judgment Day will come for you sooner or later, see how that works out for you. Anybody on WZ know the sponsors of this little, crappy, non-funny show? I feel it is my right to boycott the sponsors."

"Please give us a phone number, email address, something as I am not going to let this go.I am sick and tired of these little, hate-filled punks spewing their crap under the guise of “comedy” and getting away with it."

"It wasn’t even a joke. It was a verbal diarrhea – the very stinky one. I don’t know who’s watching FG. And you know what? I almost wish ill to the creators of this crap. I wish them the most grotesque scenario in their own life, when it’s too late to regret."

"Mcfarlane is just one more piece of crap to clean up when the revolution starts."

"This dirt bag goes on the pile. I hope he finds himself in the wrong place with the right people and he gives that little ‘peter’ laugh as some right thinking American vets kick the life out of him…..opps just crap wouldn’t want to be accused of inciting anything RIIIIIGHT."

"With the great job our government is doing for the economy and with the SHTF right around the corner, us veterans are going to know what to do. Libtards like McFarlane are going to be screaming like little girls when the gangs are approaching his neighborhoods to rape and rob everyone. Since libtards hate guns, they will have nothing but a dust mop to protect themselves. Yes, McFarlane is going to die a pussies death for sure!"

"Certain sacrifices are not to be made fun of for any purpose. Not suggesting censorship, but self restraint considering that if you happened to be human, you might understand how many families are still feeling the tragic loss of the Vietnam War. There is nothing funny about a war that cost 50,000 American lives. Of course, Jane Fonda, Walter Cronkite, and every other NewYork/Hollywood media Commie actively worked to raise that US casualty total by directly aiding and comforting the enemy. What a shame the same community sees fit to mock the lives their predecessors helped to destroy. Go to Hell after a painful, protracted illness, unfunny-Family-Guy-writer moron."

"Now, if they really wanted to be funny,“Vietnam! Undefeated!” Vet pulls .45. “BANG!” That’s how South Park would do it."

"Damn Shame McFarlands mother was not Pro Abortion. I want him to do a Mohammed show, so I can Post HIS Address all over the Internet…"

"Well then they’re free to speak out with an episode about the pedophile mohammed (peices of shit be upon him)...Yeah right.."

"Wouldn’t it be ‘funny’ to see Seth McFarland die just like Daniel Pearl did?"

Response: "No. It would be funny to see him water boarded with burning kerosene."

"One of these days the marxist-sociopaths will be burning in hell."

"It would have been fine if the Vietnam Vet punched the Vietnamese guy in the face while he was gloating."

"If this doesn't wake up people to what these lefty loons feel about this memorial Day represents to them,you deserve whats coming next.They are taking this country down a very slippery slop!!"

"That was rude and lacks empathy. The sociopaths that wrote & others that allowed this to air, probably don't care about my families good friends who is etched on that wall. I will have to pray to God to give me the strenght to forgive their sorry backsides. Hollywood elites are among the most per verse of the anti-American progressive movement.
Progressives are a serious cancer in America in need of a serious cure. God Save America!"

"Systemic in this sick,sick,sick,over the top sick culture we have allowed to flourish."

"We have all heard the libs and far left screech about how much they love the troops, so it couldnt be them right?"

"Whoever did this should be hung from the nearest tree."

"I wonder what if they would repeat the joke Memorial Day weekend when the Nam Knights and other motorcycle groups show up to honor the Wall and all the names on it they call a "scoreboard!""

"Crap like this is very much like burning the American Flag. Yeah, it’s first amendment protected speech but you better not do it in front of me. Or my 2 tour Vietnam Vet father-in-law."

"When someone has the gall to disrespect even one vet, they disrespect all vets! I too, did my time in the military having served a combat tour myself over in Iraq, and I’ll tell you what Mr. McFar-lame…come down to my VFW post and crack your jokes about any of our great past generations of veterans. Or better yet, if you truly have a set of cajones, take your punk ass up to the VA Hospital and show off your bulls*** to the Vietnam vets, or and other number of vets your despicable display of utter contempt for those who served.

I guarantee you wouldn’t last five minutes after we got our hands on you and had a little ‘wall-to-wall’ counseling session with you, to explain the errors of your ways. Can anyone say pitchforks?…torches?…tar-and-feathering? Mawaahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!"

"As a proud Veteran — and of that era — I can’t quite make up my mind whether the man should be hanged by his testicles until dead or pitied for his ignorance and insults of the highest order.

Right now I’m leaning toward the former."

"If Seth had the stones to act that scene out at my local VFW and then stick around for the feedback, I'd give him some respect.

"I'd like to see the Family Guy cast part of one of those "punked" shows where the whole cast thinks they're getting an award and the limo pulls up to a VFW.

The inside of that limo would smell like a public restroom."

Wow. Well, what can I say? There you have it folks! Remember the one veiled threat to Comedy Central about South Park? Seems rather tame now, no?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

South Park, SHIFT and Stupidity.

Alright, alright, alright. I finally have broken down to approach a topic that has been on my mind quite a bit. It is a topic that just won't seem to go away and it's one that has me frustrated and angry.

Remember when those two morons offered up a veiled threat online to the two morons who make South Park, one of the least funny television programs I can think of? It seems the animators put Mohamed who wasn't even Mohamed in a bear suit or something, I dunno. Well, that little incident keeps raising it's head. In my view, this whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion. It really wasn't even a threat that was issued, and the two punks that did it were just, well, punks. Yet, Comedy Central DID make a big deal of it and did some fancy censorship...and then the Western world went crazy! Ironic, isn't, that this surrounded the 200th-2001st show, a large milestone for the program? After all, South Park had portrayed Mohamed in a previous episode, and as far as I know, NOTHING happened. If it did, Comedy Central didn't let anyone know then. So, why they went all crazy over it now is rather suspicious if you ask me. That's just my little conspiracy theory.

The latest stupidity that I ran across in relation to this whole deal relates to the actions of a group called SHIFT (Secular Humanists for Inquiry and Free Thought) from Northwestern University in Chicago. Now, the idea behind the groups seems pretty okay, I can't argue with them based on their title. What does get me is a campaign they held recently where SHIFT members went around the campus and drew stick figures, in chalk, of the Prophet Mohamed. Now, as we all know by now, this can be a bit of sticky subject with people. There are Muslims who get very offended by portrayals of a man who they feel isn't supposed to be portrayed. Fair enough. I mean, there is no problem with that. People who are offended SHOULD stand up and say "Hey! I'm pissed off! You have offended me!". When it gets into violence, well, that's a different story.

Now, this campaign seems to have been inspired by the whole South Park incident. They seemed to have wanted to make a statement about the narrowing of taboos in relation to free speech. They wanted to get people talking, apparently. Well, lovely. Kicking someone's grandmother in the teeth would get people talking as well, but it's not a nice thing to do. Why keep pissing people off for no reason? Because you have the right to? Oh, lovely! That's a great way for the world to run. "I CAN piss you off, so I WILL and you better be okay with that!" seems to be the message here. Come on, why needlessly hurt people, or offend them, or be disrespectful to them. Ya, sure, I can understand speaking up against those who wish to use violence when they are pissed off. I can see standing up for free speech. But, come ON, just being a dick for the sake of being a dick? Really? Has it all come down to this? If so, then we have all lost.

The problem is, no thought appears to have been put into the idea that there is a reason for people to be hurt or offended by these portrayals. You may not understand it, but there is still a reason. Does anyone care about that? Every culture has it's taboos and sacred cows. If SHIFT had gone around campus and drawn swastikas, or put up pictures of dead American soldiers, or the letters "KKK", or hardcore porn, or something, how would that have gone over? Not well, I would hazard a guess. To ignore our "Western" taboos and go straight for taboos that pertain to a particular group that you don't seem to understand, one (being ME) has to ask...why?? It seems to be a case of "Get over it Muslims! We're drawing your man! We know it pisses you off, so what are you gonna do about it, eh??" which keeps cropping up after the blown out of proportion South Park insanity. Come on. It's so childish, and stupid. You have the right to make those drawings. You are protected by law in the US to do it. That doesn't mean you HAVE to do it. So, why do it? What point is being made that hasn't already been made? Let the other idiots who are going to threaten people be the idiots. Don't resort to being an idiot yourselves! Geez! If you are REALLY interested in having people talk, in opening dialogue, in tearing down walls to freedom, or whatever, then pick some other way, like, say, talking to people, you know, like actual discussions. If you want people to talk, talk to them, don't provoke them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Was That Name Again??

Heart-wrenching. Just heart-wrenching. When I read this letter from Arkansas' Log Cabin Democrat (, I couldn't help but think how cruel Mother Nature can be. She has a cold, cold heart.

Toad Suck Daze this year, especially on Saturday, was a complete disaster. It seems almost every year that inclement weather cancels certain festivities, like this year’s headliner concert by Clint Black. Wouldn’t it just be easier for Toad Suck Daze organizers to move the date of the festival to a less rainy time of the year?

The highest average rainfall of any month in the Conway-Little Rock area is in May. So, why have a festival when statistically it’s most likely to rain? The lowest average rainfall of any month in the Conway-Little Rock area is in August. Thus, moving the Toad Suck Daze festival to the late summer or early fall would likely be a better solution.

The Toad Suck Daze committee should take moving the festival to a less rainy time of year into serious consideration. It’s a move that would prove to be a win-win situation for all.

Julian Spivey, Conway

Toad Suck Daze?? Oh man would I like to know the story behind this festival. Clearly you can see why I am so upset. I feel for this poor girl. I mean, come ON! Toad Suck Daze being rained out?? That's just too painful to think about. All of the earthquakes this year in Chile, Haiti and seemingly everywhere else there was earth that could quake, a volcano shutting down European airspace, floods, bush fires...NONE of them compare to the "complete disaster" that was the cancellation of Toad Suck Daze events. I hope the Toad Suck Daze committee is on this. DAMN YOU Toad Suck Daze committee!