Friday, July 1, 2016

Guns, Guns, Guns!

I don't get guns. I don't get why people want them. I don't get the appeal. I don't get the need, for the most part. I just don't understand how people can equate guns with freedom. No one is free if they are shackled to a gun and always looking over their shoulder. That isn't freedom. To me, freedom is NOT having a gun...not needing a gun. I don't see freedom in guns. I see death. I see destruction. I see war. I see violence. But I don't see freedom. Yet, there are people who cling to their weapons and claim that it is giving them freedom. It is a concept that is beyond my understanding. But, whatever. If you love your hunks of murderous metal that much, have them. Enjoy. Just keep them away from me and for gawd sakes, don't frickin' shoot me. Go off and play bad boy with a gun. Have the time of your life. If it makes you feel special and all tingly, enjoy. I don't want to take away anyone's gun...well, unless that person is bound to end up slaughtering people. Then I think it's a good idea to make sure that a person doesn't have a gun. But, whatever. If a person has a gun and they aren't bothering me with it, knock yourself out. It's you and your families life, statistically, that you are playing with. As long as you don't play with mine and put me in danger, then go nuts.

Originally written for Allthink 

The Right didn't win Brexit...the Left LOST it...

So, how did all of that demonizing of the Leave side work out for everyone? Calling 17 million people bigoted idiots didn't exactly create the result you wanted, did it, fellow Lefties. Nope. You ignored the concerns, needs and realities for 17 million and it cost you dearly. Despite what you may think, democracy did work and the disenfranchised rose up against you.

In Britain, the Remain camp was generally more upwordly mobile, university educated, more well heeled city dwellers who are so out of touch with life outside of their bubbles that they thought merely writing off 17 million people as hateful idiots would equal a win. It didn't. The Left didn't listen. It ignored. And worse, it dismissed. This was the Remain camps referendum to lose...and they did.

It's now time for the Left to collect itself, accept it's faults and how it screwed up and start listening to the concerns, legit or not, of the disenfranchised, just as the Left wanted everyone else to listen to them during the Occupy movement, with Black Lives Matter, with UK Uncut, etc. The more conservative working class in Britain are trying to tell you something. Blaming everyone else or your screw up, Lefties, doesn't cut it. It's time for you to listen...and, heck, even "check your privilege!" Your macroagressions against "the other" backfired...and they weren't going to take it anymore.

Originally written for Allthink

The Problem With Victimhood

Victimhood...the never ending saga.

The problem with the whole idea of victimhood and using victimhood as some kind of leverage in SJW culture is that, well, at some point and time, every human on the planet is a victim of something....and in many ways, if one breaks things down and analyses it, we are all victims of something all the time.

So, what actually happens is pitting victimhood claims against other victimhood claims for a vicious battle over who is the most victimized, with a prioritized list of how it all works...a predetermined hierarchy that is used as a rigid, almost biblical guide on how this victimhood culture is supposed to go, with each group having their place on the ladder.

What a degrading and pathetic system. Why are we doing this? And who gets to determine whose victimhood status is more valid? The hierarchy automatically puts straight, white males at the very top, and thus almost invalidates any claims of victimhood by anyone who is seen in that group, and as a result brushing aside the many hardships that some white males actually do experience. Why should this been seen as right or just in any sense of the word? It isn't. There is no advantage to ignoring the realities of anyone who may have suffered or been a victim. It's all valid. At the same time, it is all valid, but also doesn't really matter, in some ways. If we are all victims of something, and we are, then the victimhood card becomes useless and must be tossed away.

Originally written for Allthink