Friday, July 1, 2016

The Problem With Victimhood

Victimhood...the never ending saga.

The problem with the whole idea of victimhood and using victimhood as some kind of leverage in SJW culture is that, well, at some point and time, every human on the planet is a victim of something....and in many ways, if one breaks things down and analyses it, we are all victims of something all the time.

So, what actually happens is pitting victimhood claims against other victimhood claims for a vicious battle over who is the most victimized, with a prioritized list of how it all works...a predetermined hierarchy that is used as a rigid, almost biblical guide on how this victimhood culture is supposed to go, with each group having their place on the ladder.

What a degrading and pathetic system. Why are we doing this? And who gets to determine whose victimhood status is more valid? The hierarchy automatically puts straight, white males at the very top, and thus almost invalidates any claims of victimhood by anyone who is seen in that group, and as a result brushing aside the many hardships that some white males actually do experience. Why should this been seen as right or just in any sense of the word? It isn't. There is no advantage to ignoring the realities of anyone who may have suffered or been a victim. It's all valid. At the same time, it is all valid, but also doesn't really matter, in some ways. If we are all victims of something, and we are, then the victimhood card becomes useless and must be tossed away.

Originally written for Allthink

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