Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christ the King School to Give Credit for Being a Jerk

Oh good GAWD! Now what's going on.

I have little respect for people who stand outside of places that offer abortions with their "vigils" and such to show how much they care about fetuses and wish to show women who they do not know that they are awful for choosing to have an abortion, something that SHOULD be a woman's choice.

And, I have even less respect for Christ the King School of Winnipeg, Manitoba and their principal David Hood's brilliant idea of giving extra credit to school kids who attend anti-choice vigils like the Campaign Life Coalition's 40 Days for Life one being held in front of the Women's Hospital here in the city right now. Isn't this called bribery? "Hey, kid, if you go out there and make women feel guilty for having an abortion without bothering to find out the circumstances or the tough choices the women have had to make to get there, we'll give you extra credit! Whaddya say?"

You know what I say? Let's start holding vigils outside of Catholic Churches to recognize the thousands upon thousands of children globally who have been sexually abused by the Catholic Church. Or a vigil to people in Africa who have become HIV positive because the Pope, the good man he is, has condemned the use of condoms. We should also hold a vigil for aboriginal children who were beat, molested and died in boarding schools in Canada, some run by the Catholic Church. We should hold a vigil for members of the LGBT community who have taken their own lives partly because of a feeling of lack of acceptance, understanding and support, and the often extreme feelings of guilt and self loathing partly kept alive in our society because of wonderful organizations like the Catholic Church.

In other words, people of the Catholic Church, shut up. As long as you are involved with an organization that has brought so much horror and evil to the world, you have lost all legitimacy to speak out on practically any ethical issue. Go ahead with your little prayer vigils. You've already made your pact with the devil. You must get your own house in order. Otherwise, your theatrics are nothing more than that. And please, involving your children? Giving them school credit for taking part in these prayer vigils and saying that it is a community service? Talk about pushing the line ethically. And, to make things all that much more fun, although the school is a private school it does get public funding. I wonder what would happen if a secular school gave credit to students who attended pro-choice rallies? Hmmmmm.

Colour me unimpressed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

#occupywallstreet According to Pastor Bill

So, I made a comment on twitter basically asking why the #occupywallstreet hashtag was not "trending". Oh how I hate that term, but it seems to be the term to use. At that particular moment, twitter was telling me that Hockey Night in Canada's Don Cherry was "trending". I couldn't figure out how Don Cherry could be "trending", but not #occupwallstreet who had far more tweets. And then, poof, from out in the twitterverse, I got a response! It just said "Because people don't follow morons." It was a small statement that could easily be written off, until I saw who it came from. It was sent by Dr. William Livermore, pastor at Center Road Baptist Church. in West Seneca, New York, who goes with @pastorbill45. on twitter, and apparently is a HUGE fan of White Castle. In fact, one of my favourite posts on the wall of the Center Road Baptist Church Facebook page is this beauty from March 1st:
It has been 3 months since this page has been updated so i figured i should jump on and say something. White Castle sunday went very well with 4 visitors coming and 2 geting saved!! Whoever says Center Road is a loser church obviously doesnt like souls getting saved. We had 6 more visitors this past sunday as well. Keep going strong Center Road!!
They even have a White Castle Sunday where people can be White Castle! Wow, talk about convenient. Show up, order a big wack of tiny burgers and get saved all at the same time! Fantastic! It is fair to say that any church that caters to their fast food indulging flock so attentively could not possibly be a "loser church". Damn those people who don't like to see souls getting saved.

But, the more telling post from August 28th is what really got me:
A very thought provoking sermon by Pastor Livermore this morning. He asked the question ,"Can the world see Jesus in you?" Your testimony to the world can lead souls to Christ. Let Jesus shine in your life.

Well, that is very interesting and thought provoking Pastor Livermore. Now, tell me, what part of calling people morons helps people see the Jesus in you? As a man of the cloth (or White Castle napkin in this case), and the leader of the Center Road Baptist Church flock, I would assume that you would take the idea of having people see Jesus in you very seriously. Did Jesus go around calling people he disagreed with "morons"? Is this the Jesus in you, Pastor Livermore? Is this the Jesus we should all know? Is Jesus against Occupy Wall Street protesters? Does he see them as morons as well? Do you honestly think that calling people morons will help lead souls to Christ?? I hope that you revisit this very thought provoking sermon of yours and then take a close look at your own words and actions and see how you stack up. You wouldn't want people to think that Center Road Baptist Church is a loser church because of you now, would you?