Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Either I'm Crazy or She is Crazy. Which One Is It?

I love getting into online debates. I've been getting into these debates lately on Facebook. This story came along from the fine folks at NPR about how support for Al Qaida is fading, and it was open for comments. So, I took part in the commenting as I am prone to do. One particular commenter stood out, at least from my point of view. Here is how the conversation went, completely unedited. I just copied and pasted. You may also noticed that I have tried some fancy new formatting, including bringing this to you in COLOUR! Check it out!

Colette Aube: The basic problem which gave rise to al-Qaida in the first place still exists! We have, HOWEVER, given light to the problem and now we are faced with the problem of dealing with the mental illness which inflicts 99% of all males, that they are god, that they are superior, it's called MEGLAMANIA.

Just watch and see how this goes. Oh, and to those dittos of CHICKEN LITTLE that subscribe to that paranoia from that publisher concerning THE END TIMES and those drug dependents worried about 2012, WE SHALL SEE, WON'T WE?

ME:@Aube: Uh....what??

Colette Aube: Hi Los Chris Hearn, I can see you have space to rent, lets see if I can improve it so that somebody can move in and rent that space between your shoulders.

Al-Quaida, if ya haven't noticed, is like many Muslims and they worship the PHALLICE. Don't go an think that it's a muslim thing since phalllic worship is highly honored by xtians and jews. Matriarchy is not PATRIARCHY and the only diety that does any creating in the Western hemisphere is the Male who is distringuished by his appendage called a PHALLICE which they stick in your face so that you get the message to worship it. You, in your roll as G.I.Joe or Ken, don't see it simply because that's the only thing you know, THUS, like all menshaviks trying to become BOLSHEVIKS, you have no idea what a CALIPHATE or a HAREEM is, brothel or bordello, you can grasp but that's only because the problem has been reduced to simple fractions.

The problems with Al-Quaida are far more deeper than the absolute ignorance and disrespect that both terrorist groups, Usama bin Laden's group and George W.Bush's group, run by the same main-frame computer program the robots to say i.e. the childrens game called "He said/She said" where Muslims says it the xtians and the xtians say it's the Muslims. Look, if Usama bin Laden is part of a "royal family" in Suadi ARabia then that Roya Family has a lot of appologizing to do and if that nut case that the Egyptian prison system gave to Afghanistan and to Usama bin Laden has any say in it then the Egyptian prison system has just as much appologizing to do as those royal clucks from Suadi Arabia. The equation is Usama bin Laden = George W.Bush since they are both the exact same Ken Doll sold to society.

You can believe what you want to believe but don't spend what money I do not have on bombs that I disagreed with back in Nov. 2001 on my website when it was clear that GWB was buying votes, YET I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN EMPLOYED SO HE SHALL NEVER GET MY VOTE.

Lets see how the real estate brokers like the improvements I've made on that SPACE TO RENT between your shoulders. Then we'll take it from there

Colette Aube: (Responding to someone, although I couldn't figure out who, exactly): "They say I'm crazy but I have a good time", I never said the Al-Quaida was ded. I'm only saying that they were made from the same batch of plastic that manufactured many other GIJoe dolls and Ken dolls. I think I've made the case that you cannot seperate George W.Bush and Usama bin Laden as being different since they are the same. Somebody with my background has to constantly say tht I am no longer a conpirator involved in that conspiracy; I understand the conspiracy but I certainly do not believe in it. I would not want any person associated with BLACKWATER to be near me, however I understand their views.

You Anthony are as empty as Shunyata could possibly explain, if you even think of studying a philosophy outside your devotion to masturbation and the Vienne School of two dimensional reallity aka SIGMUND FRAUD.

Al-Quaida is like any revolutionary group. The only reason they existed was to fight the Soviets. When the Soviets left the battle, they had all these American made and American given toys of DEATH. They couldn't just sit there and ignore the only reason that they are alive. They had to find somebody to HATE

ME: @Aube. Um....what?

Colette Aube: ChrisHearn,Pssst,while you may nothave noticed but our friend THE MARLBORO MAN,aka Ron Reagan and George H.W.Bush gave birth to Al-Quiada by supplying them with the drugs they needed to satiate their grand DELUSION of superiority, stinger missiles, etc, and isn't I George H.W.Bush that lays claim to giving birth to George W.Bush? So isn't it true ... See Morethat George H.W.Bush gave birth to two brothers fighting over control of the Pop-e, I mean Poppie? Is the HATE that Usama bin Laden gives that different from the alleged luv that George W.Bush gives?

Ooops, pardon me, you remember those constant and ritual words "... as above so below...", or maybe you rely upon the version that says the same thing in the form of "...on earth as it is in heaven". Shazam! well look at that, what was the caste member saying to the Senator from Detroit today as he was questioned? The senator was speaking of an Email that this CFO sent suggesting that one of his products that he sold to a "customer" was shit, then, after the email showed he cognized the value of the product that he was selling to people was shit he turned around and sold about 1500 more of the same product. This CFO, or whatever, then turned around and said that he felt no remorse or any responsibility to the customer that he and his company, GoldmanSAchs, defrauded the public with as a means of enriching his myopic sense of reality in his ivory tower, aka STratus (see Gene Rodenberry). Funny,people have been saying that GOLDMAN SACHS is the pinacle of financial services on wall street, so we get this utter disrespect and concern for any other person from the top, from the best, or in this psuedo-heaven, formed by a caste system or maybe a fuedal system, and,being a former sailor in the USN, I can say the mantra: SHIT ROLLS DOWN HILL, where we find ourselves back at " above so below..." or "...on earth as it is in heaven...", do you mean to tellme that the FRAUD is obscure or oblique or hidden in some way when it is perfectly obvious. It is the same congressional record that Barry Bonds spoke on that said he "never took any performance enhancing chemicals to secure a better salary".

BSorry, children shouldn't be allowed to concern themselves with such blatantly fundamental concepts and procedures. But I imagine that you or stuck running on the wheel like a rodent or ken doll, maybe a barbie doll, and have no ability to think for yourself since you sold your brain to the corporation when you went to a manufacturing facility, university, which will give you a warrantee that enables you to be sold on the market to a corporate position.

ME: @Aube: Um...what?? I haven't been able to make sense of anything you have posted in this thread. You need an editor...badly. I am completely confused.

Colette Aube: Not surprising if/when CONFUSION is your norm. Sorry for answering, now, at this time since it's early and I just went searching for some info. I read several yrs. ago, on Yakov Leib HaKohaine's corpus, and I read, predjudiced my immediate position, w/ a work on something like "the Tikkun of animals" where he used Balem riding a donkey; the donkey ... See Morewould not pass what was perceived of as a "sign" of the "lord" but the man could not see this "sign". The donkey maintained the "will" to not pass this "sign": an example of justifying the actuality of a presence of a higher deity/power.

Why do you say that I need this or that? In this case it's "an editor" How do you know that you are without blame, that the fault, a fault, is not YOURS that you have to overcome?Why is it some other person's problem? Getting off of Western practices and going to my center of things currently, Mahayana Buddhism, why is the problem EXTERNAL and NOT INTERNAL? Why is the problem "Out There" and, in your case, NOT IN HERE? Again, I refering to a meglamania implanted within the human organism by a gang, a group, a fraternity/sorority, that you may wish to become part of or gain acceptance in and you fail to see that a foreign substance/characteristic has been placed into your AUTO-EXEC program which runs your micro-processor/mind.

Is "confusion", which you say that you possess, is this confusion the opposite of ENLIGHTENMENT? Will "knowing" cause you to feel better? Do you really have to open PANDORA'S BOX, the arch of the covenent, "door number 3", to see what's in the box, in the arch, behind the door, or do you actually need to prepare yourself better to apprehend the reality which is before your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your body, your mind? As "Morpheus" told NEAR EARTH OBJECT, I mean Neo, in the movie THE MATRIX, "I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it."

ME: @Aube. Yes...yes, it must be me, all me. It's obvious now. What a fool I have been. How could I possibly have thought otherwise.

Okay, so, PLEASE, someone tell me that I'm not the crazy one here for once.

Monday, April 26, 2010

SHOCKER: Nutcase Makes Nutcase Statements

WOW. What an opinion this guy has got! What a seemingly baseless, aimless, bizarre, distorted, horrific opinion this guy has got. What's the best way to describe this guy? Unhinged is a good place to start. This was carried by Christian Newswire ( Boy am I glad they ran it. Thanks to this I will NEVER send my child to a government run school because they are HORRIBLE. I'm just not sure why they are so horrible?? Maybe I best order his book today to find out!

Are You Going to HELL and Taking Someone with You

Contact: Gregory Thompson, 417-754-8774,;

OPINION, April 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following opinion is submitted by Dr. Gregory Thompson:

The government schools are anti-Christian, atheistic and pagan, and they are against God, family, and country. Do not call yourself "Christian" saying you love the children, yet have children in a government school, k-12 through college. Christian priests, pastors, and bishops hate their congregations if they do not warn their people to get out of the government schools. Pastor, you must help the parents with this issue of education. Jesus said "love your neighbor as yourself". If you do not tell your neighbors to get their children out of the government schools, you hate them instead of love them. To know this truth, and not do anything about it in your area of influence is sin. James 4:17 - "Therefore to him that knows to do good and does it not, to him it is sin." If Church or Government leaders say otherwise, it is a lie from hell.

My name is Dr. Gregory Thompson, I have been a teacher, coach, Athletic Director, Principal, Superintendent, School Board member, on state committees, and am warning you that the "Sacred Cow of Government Education" is harming the children now and for eternity. Many are trusting and ignorant, some are willfully ignorant, and many just don't know what to do.


· Government Education helps promote a culture of immorality and death.

· We could not give your child an aspirin without calling you, yet your grandchildren could be murdered without you knowing it.

· your children will receive a much poorer education than is possible

· your children will be more likely to engage in sex and perversions.

· your children will be more likely to be indoctrinated in Sodomy/homosexuality and encouraged to experience it in Government schools

· your children will be more likely to be raped & molested

· your children will be more likely to be bullied

· your children will be more likely to be taught lies

· your children will be more likely to get an STD

· your daughters will be more likely to become pregnant.

· your children will be more likely to become selfish

· your children will be more likely to become rebellious

· your children will be more likely to kill their pre-born child, your grandchild.

· Because of some of these things your children will be more likely to commit suicide

· Worst of all, your children will be more likely to go to HELL!

Do you love the children? I will give you my book free. Please do not be willfully ignorant! "Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy". I ask only that you help with the cost of S&H. This book bears witness to the truth and can cause strong reactions. Email: God bless.

Jesus says "Not every one that says unto Me, 'Lord, Lord', shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of My Father which is in heaven" Matt. 7:21

Are you going to Hell and taking someone with you???

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Fools God Makes

The Vicksburg Post of Vicksburg, Mississippi ( printed a lovely, brief and utterly confusing letter on March 7th, 2010.

Global warming zealots being offered a lesson in humility

I think Al Gore and his global warming advocates were made fools of by God.

They would be wise to remember the Scripture. “If a man thinks himself to be wise, I will make him a fool so he can become wise!” What’s happening now has happened before and will happen again.

James Boone


What the heck is this all about? Where did it come from? What is it connected to? What does it even mean?? Why??

Beats me! I have no clue what was going on in the mind of one Mr. James Boone from Vicksburg, Mississippi when he wrote this letter. I am wondering if HE even knew what was going in his own mind at the time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Murdering in the Name of God: Uganda

Wow. I don't even know what to say when I read an opinion piece like this. Here is a posting in the Nile Times from Uganda ( It is completely unedited.

What can be said? I cannot wrap my head around this way of thinking. This is a horrid interpretation of the bible, promoting murder in the name of god...and ignorance. And, even worse, it's sanctioned by the state who is pushing for an anti-homosexuality bill, dubbed the "Kill the Gays" bill by some. Fortunately, the outrage shown by the world may be at least helping to soften the bill.

Homo Practice is Unnatural in Uganda
Posted by niletimes at 12:45 AM on January 09, 2010

In Uganda and world over, there has been a lot of contentious deliberatations on the proposed Anti Gay Bill currently under scrutiny by Parliament of Uganda.

Biblically, Genesis 19: 4-11 naturally outlaws any carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature. In the above verses, the men who had sex with fellow men were made blind by God.

Also Genesis 2:24 is to the effect that a man will leave his father and mother and is joined to his wife. And in that way, two people become one.

From the above Biblical analysis, it is a fact beyond any reasonable doubt that naturally a man goes with a woman, a bull goes with a cow, a cock goes with a hen and that is the order of nature.

In Uganda at the moment, homosexuality is outlawed by Section 145 of the Penal Code Act, Cap.120 under Unnatural Offences. This Section provides “Any person who has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature; has carnal knowledge of an animal; or permits a male person to have carnal knowledge of him or her against the order of nature, commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for life”.

Therefore, the proposed Anti Gay Bill is meant to strengthen and widen the framework for implementing the already existing legislation. This is a defining Bill for our country, for our generation and for enhancing moral integrity. The Bill is by Ugandans and for Ugandans.

To fellow Africans, the choices, actions and agreements made now will determine which future becomes a reality for the young generation. It is our role to speak on moral and unnatural issues affecting our Continent.

I applaud the authority in Malawi for arresting two men last week on charges of Public indecency after becoming the first gay couple to marry in a country where homosexuality is illegal. I am reliably informed that a court in Malawi has equally denied the two bail for their own protection.

Magistrate Nyakwawa Usiwausiwa told a packed court in Malawi that he could not grant the couple a bail, saying the ruling was for their own protection. “The public out there is angry with them”. Usiwausiwa said.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Stephen Monjeza committed to marriage in a symbolic ceremony in southern Malawi last month, attracting hundreds of angry onlookers.

It is also recalled that barely two weeks ago, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said Gambia is a country of believers and that such sinful and immoral practices as homosexuality will not be tolerated in the country.

President Jammeh vowed to “cut off the head” of any homosexual found in his country and also said that a legislation will be introduced, which will be “stricker than those in Iran”, with regards to such acts.

These are examples that should be emulated by all African countries to forthwith stop this moral vice that is invading our society. I cannot imagine how a man can kiss and sleep with a fellow man. This is extremely satanic! In Genesis 1:27, the purpose of God creating mankind (male and female) was for procreation and companionship among others. Can a man have children with a fellow man? What has gone wrong with the world?

As a Ugandan legislator, I support the criminalization of homosexuality because it is unnatural, unchristian, a moral and social evil. As a Parliament, we may consider revising the proposed Bill to limit maximum penalty for offenders to life imprisonment rather than execution, because it gives room for offenders to be rehabilitated.

I call upon other Members of Parliament to support this proposed Anti Gay Bill for the moral good of our society and young Ugandans.

The writer is Youth MP - Northern Region

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I was reading the posts on CBC Manitoba's Facebook page (!/cbcmanitoba) when I came upon what I thought was rather an odd comment by an obviously disgruntled potential chicken owner...

chickenman (not his real name):

why can't a homeowner in any part of the city can't keep a reasonable number of chickens but our overpaid bums at city hall allow someone in river heights to keep 26 cats in her house and no rules in place for irresponsible cat owners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yessss.....hmmmmmm. Well. What can I say?

Ahhhh, Whistler.

It seems to me that about the only place on earth where you would find a letter like this would be in Whistler, BC. This was in the Pique Newsmagazine ( No date is given as to when it was published. I want to go on the record as saying that I think more letters should contain the phrase "stuck in my craw", don't you?


A little respect for others

So rarely does something get stuck in my craw, but lately I swear! Bear with me and I'll make this rant as short and sweet as possible.

I'm just guessing here but I imagine that if my friends and I climbed over your fence one night and were hanging out uninvited in your hot tub or living room you would tell us to get out and probably call the cops, you might even consider kicking my ass. That reaction would be entirely reasonable as we were trespassing on your property. See where I'm heading with this?

Last night I told a guy to "get the ^%$ out of my hot tub" and I am unapologetic about this, especially since this stranger is a repeat visitor, never brings us any beer and hasn't offered to help us with our strata fees. Whistler is always a much nicer place to live when people aren't climbing over other people's fences, taking other people's bikes and dropping litter everywhere but there's always one tool isn't there? Moving on...

There are a number of people who can not walk five metres in either direction to put a drink bottle or piece of trash in the garbage. You know who you are and you suck. I see these benevolent strollers picking up random pieces of garbage they see and I want to say a big "thank you," but obviously it must be a struggle for them to keep up with so many idiots opting to leave their garbage on the ground instead of using a bin. Whistler is so beautiful with so many bins, so I have to ask, what is your excuse?

Julie Andrews



Oh ya! You tell 'em Julie Andrews...if that is indeed your real name!? The hills are alive with the sound of your complaints! I hope this letter makes those damn hot tub hooligans see the error in their ways!

Random Photo: Al Khor Fish Market Workers

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No real reason to post this photo. It's not a great photo, but I still like it. I used my fancy new Canon Rebel to take it. I'm still getting used to the camera. So far, so...well...mediocre. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong, but pictures don't seem to exactly be coming out how I would like them to. Plenty of learning still to come.

Monday, April 19, 2010

NIMBY'ers are Killing Thunder Bay!

Is it just me, or does it seem that almost anytime anything, and I mean literally ANYTHING, is proposed for Thunder Bay, it polarizes the community, and in the end, it all falls apart? From snowmobile races to a stock car track, recycling depots to development on the waterfront. Why do these things constantly become a big mess?? Now, the issue is an electricity generating "wind park".

Here is a project that can have excellent implications for Thunder Bay, through jobs, a cleaner environment, and possibly the start of a new green industry in the region. Face it, Thunder Bay needs jobs. It also needs energy.

Those concerned about the negative effects of wind turbines have a right to be concerned, HOWEVER, we have been living in the midst of a coal burning electrical plant and several paper mills for years that are far worse to our health than wind turbines will ever be. As far as I can see, the project won't have turbines very close to houses. If I am wrong, I apologize. For that matter, I wonder how many of these people who are against this development for health reasons run around on snowmobiles, have motor boats, and drive big SUV's? Guess what. They aren't the best for your health either, folks.

Eyesores? Depends on ones point of view. Isn't a giant red and white smoke stack rather an eyesore? There has been a long abandoned ski ramp at Big Thunder for years and on Mount McKay there is an abandoned ski hill! People would rather look at these than wind turbines? I have flown into European cities, looking down at these wind turbines turning away on the outskirts of town and thought to myself, "This is great! We need more of this in Canada!"

The tiring outcry that is "PROPERTY PRICES!" is ridiculous. The way Thunder Bay is going, there are less and less people around to buy property. Property prices only mean something if you can sell your property. Otherwise, the value is zero! And, the assumption is that everyone who wants to buy a house would not want to see a wind turbine. That isn't true. So, lay off of the property price crap.

Thunder Bay needs to progress to survive. It will never do that as long as the city becomes so polarized each and every time a change is proposed. This project is a positive project for Thunder Bay. It must happen.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Apparently, Only Tea Party'ers Should Have a Voice

I ran across this letter to the editor in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin ( of Tooele, Utah, printed on April 13th, 2010. Again, I felt the need to comment! Soooo, I did.


Cartoonist Shows Skewed Opinion

On March 30, your cartoonist, John Christian Perkins, once again showed that he doesn’t deserve the right to be published. More than once he’s shown that he thinks more of his own skewed opinion than he does the facts or the feelings of others. The Tea Party is a valid group of concerned citizens who believe that government spending is out of control, and there’s a general disregard for our great Constitution in D.C. The Tea Party has clearly articulated concerns that most of us share. They’re everyday citizens who give their time and resources attempting to change the direction of a “runaway” Congress and White House administration. One of the things I love about our current form of government is the right of law-abiding citizens to try to make a difference in our nation’s affairs. I am not a part of the Tea Party groundswell, but I believe they’ve been very respectful in their actions. I am offended by Perkins’ direct attack on the character and thoughtful process of those in the Tea Party. I’m also offended by the Transcript allowing such a caustic attack. When you first came to the Transcript, you said that you were going to change the tone of the “Letters to the Editor.” You did not believe that name-calling and caustic comments were appropriate. I agree with that. Perkins’ cartoon appears inconsistent with your stated goals for the Transcript, and I ask you to reconsider your association with him.

Jon McCartney



Here is what I had to say to Mr. McCartney....

Hmmmm. Wait a minute here. It sounds like Mr. McCartney is not familiar with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, a document that those in the Tea Party hold so close and so dear as they remind us time and time and time again.

Truthfully, Tea Party-ers are making their own bed to lie in. Sure, there are some good people involved with the movement who care about the United States and it's future. But there are also, unfortunately, a good number of "bad apples", as the saying were, and these folks are tarnishing the groups standing among many. It is not accurate, and is in fact insulting, to paint a rosy picture of the entire group.

John Christian Perkins has fulfilled his role as an editorial cartoonist perfectly. He did what he should do. He created a satirical visual representation of his opinion. He appears to have stirred up some debate, has prompted people to think, and has entertained. Good job, Mr. Perkins! I don't see any reason why he does not deserve to be published. He is an excellent artist and has a keen sense of news and politics. To call on the Tooele Transcript to stop printing his cartoons is, again, insulting. A good newspaper presents a wide range of ideas. Not every reader will like what they read. That's the way it is in a free nation. To debate his point of view is perfectly fine. Calling for his voice to be silenced is shameful.



THERE! I said it, dammit! Man that letter made me angry. Boy did it make me angry. Did I mention how angry it made me? It made me ANGRY I tell ya!

TAKE THAT, Pastor LaFleur!

Here is a letter to the editor from the Southwest Daily News of Sulphur, Louisiana ( It was printed on April 7th, 2010. I took the liberty of responding to it on their website, and here is the letter and my response. In it, I play the role of an American.

I have sympathized with the scores of people who have had their cars go out of control and speed away with them, leaving them fearing for their lives. I can’t imagine the panic they must feel… or maybe I can. Our federal government is out of control. Our constitution prescribes a representative form of government. Our sense of security is based on the fact that we are “in control” of the direction of our country. We decide, inform our congressmen, and laws are made accordingly. But, when Congress is out of control and acting on its own accord the system goes completely out of order. At that point, we no longer have a representative government. We have a “bureaucratic dictatorship,” an oligarchy. The will of an “elite class” determines the direction of our country, the course of our lives, the welfare of our families, the status of our economy, and the success of our professional lives. When the people of America have used every means available to communicate our wishes to our representatives and our message is downplayed, dismissed, or totally ignored, we are in a defective Toyota with a mind of its own, determining our fate, and giving no thought to our right to control.

Pastor Larry LeFleur,
Sulpher, Louisiana

And here is my comeback....

This letter makes me angry, quite frankly. Mr. LeFleur, your views DON'T reflect those of all Americans. There are a whole range of opinions across the nation for government to consider.

I am not one hundred percent sure what you are referring to when you speak of feeling out of control. I can only assume that the health care issue is at the forefront. You must understand, sir, that there are MILLIONS of Americans who have been fighting for health care for years. To say that the government isn't listening is false. Frankly, I am tired of that rhetoric. Just because they passed a bill that you aren't in favor of doesn't mean that they aren't listening, it means that they have taken into the account the needs of others with differing views than yours in our society. You can't have everything you want all of the time. This isn't registering with too many people at the moment. You aren't the only one in America, and your voice isn't the only one out there. Please understand that.


I'm pretty happy with that response, now that I look at it. I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn. But, I expressed some thoughts that I have been feeling for a while as I have watched what has been happening in domestic politics within the US. It was nice to get it off of my chest.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Ledger-Enquirer newspaper of Columbus, Georgia ( received this letter which they printed on Thursday, April 8th, 2010.

House defiled

Congressman Bishop tried to blame Jesus for his own decision to vote for a catastrophic bill, but if Jesus did go to Washington, D.C., and step into the House chamber, I believe Jesus would be turning over tables and desks everywhere to run off the money exchangers.

Hal Kirven



Now, I'm not an overly religious guy, BUT, I'm thinking that Jesus wouldn't do what Mr. Kirven believes he would do. Jesus doesn't seem like the kinda guy who would turn over tables and desks. I could be wrong. Maybe this is a reference to some sort of biblical event that I don't know of? Highly possible.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Al Gore, Chile, Irena Sendler????

OH MAN! I just hit the cream of the crop when it comes to wacky letters to the editor thanks to the Columbus Packet in Columbia, Mississippi. ( But this one, of all of the letters, is the one that got me scratching my head the most.



Where is Al Gore when we need him? Where has all the Global Warming gone that he became filthy rich going around the world preaching about? Well, most of the warmth has gone South, in fact, way down South-like below the equator.

I remember my first trip to South America. It was mid Summer here but when I landed in Santiago , Chile, I discovered it was winter there. Since I didn't have winter clothing with me , guess who didn't leave the Hotel except for the trip back to the airport.

I think Mr. Gore owes the whole world a loud apology and then return the Nobel prize along with all the "cold cash" which should have been given to the most deserving person, Irena Sendler.

Raymond Gross



Can I See That License of Yours??

From the Letters to the Editor section of the Orlando Sentinel of April, 6th, 2010 ( comes this letter of complaint:


Osceola hospital needs to remedy parking ills

I am 87 years old, disabled, seriously arthritic, and require the aid of a walker to get around. Several times I have had to park at Osceola Regional Medical Center, and each time has been a nightmare.

Not only can I not find a disabled spot — because there are so few — I have never been able to locate a parking place anywhere near the hospital entrance.

On a recent visit it took me 22 minutes to walk from my car to the entrance.

I am required to go to Osceola Regional Medical Center for treatment, as ordered by my doctor, periodically. Other hospitals provide either valet parking, or have extended golf carts patrolling the parking lot to pick up and drop off the people.

Why can't Osceola Regional Medical Center do the same?

Donald A. Cameron, St. Cloud

Now, I am all for independence for senior citizens. HOWEVER, given what this guy wrote, I'm thinking he probably shouldn't be driving, and therefore shouldn't be parking! Eighty seven years old, arthritic, disabled, and needs a walker!? I'm thinking that someone at the DMV was either paid off, or just didn't care about their job on the day he walked in for a license renewal. I don't mean to judge the guy, but, he doesn't exactly build up his competency level very well here. Best of luck to him...and to everyone else on the road when he's driving!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DOCTOR Becker, I Presume?

I can't figure out if this guy is a half full or half empty kinda guy, and when I say that, I mean...IN HIS HEAD!

Here is a letter to the editor from my hometown paper, The Chronicle Journal, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada ( from Tuesday, April 13th, 2010. It goes as follows:



Letters to the Editor
Why I don‘t support the cancer industry
Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer is just around the corner and so is the Walk for Cancer and the Run for Cancer and a multitude of requests for donations to help the cancer industry find a cure for cancer.
This multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry has been operating for so long that employees have been retiring after comfortably working their entire lives in it.
So, please leave me off your request list because I refuse to support the search for a cure.
There is no cure for cancer!
After spending billions of dollars a year for more than 60 years, if there were a cure for cancer, don‘t you think they would have found it by now?
How many decades must we search before we finally admit there is no cure and there are better areas to research?
We need to spend less time and money looking for a non-existent cure and put more emphasis on earlier detection, education, prevention and treatment.
Look at our archaic treatment methods – surgery, chemo and radiation. These treatments haven‘t changed for more than half a century.
The objective of these primitive treatments is to poison the body almost to the point of death so that the weaker cancer cells are destroyed and hopefully the body recovers. Sometimes, it doesn‘t and even when it does the results can be extremely debilitating and painful. Is this the best we can do after more than half a century?
For decades we‘ve known that cigarette smoking kills half of all smokers and yet we still allow the sale of cigarettes. That‘s insanity! We need to help smokers stop smoking.
We know that exercise, weight control, better diet and screening can reduce cancer by more than 50 per cent so why are we wasting time and money looking for a non-existent cure?
Cancer has always been with us – it‘s found in Egyptian mummies and dinosaur bones. It cannot be eradicated but it can be drastically reduced.
Cancer industry spokesmen tell us that we are making great strides and that cancer patients are living longer. Yes, they are living longer not because they found a cure but because of better education, prevention and earlier detection. That‘s where we need to spend our money. And, we need to develop better than primitive treatments.
You might think I‘ll change my mind if I get cancer. Wrong! It‘s not a matter of if I get cancer; it‘s a matter of when. You see, three of my grandparents died of cancer (we aren‘t sure about the fourth), both of my parents had it and my father died of it. If nothing else kills me, my chances of dying of cancer are 100 per cent. That‘s why I won‘t contribute a cent to searching for a non-existent cure. I‘ll start contributing when the majority of research is directed toward education, prevention, earlier detection and better treatment. After all, my life depends on it and so might yours.

Gerold Becker
Thunder Bay


Well, Dr. Gerold...and I PRESUME that you are a Doctor, seeing as you seem to know it all, you frickin' know it all. Where do I even START! Well, let's start here. As someone who has had cancer, and has been cancer free for many years now, all I can say is...SHOVE IT UP YOUR FRICKIN' BUTT! That is exactly what happens to me every year or so. I had colon cancer. I get regular colonoscopies. They have been saving my life. When my grandfather got colon cancer...HE DIED. There were no other options. Obviously the billions Dr. Becker speaks of has gone to SOMETHING. For example, genetic testing, to see WHERE the cancer comes from and what can be done about it and how the future might be different for later generations of my family, and others. I've been involved in that ever since I was diagnosed with colon cancer. After surgery, I did have chemotherapy and am DAMN GLAD I did! Why? Because it saved my life. Sure, it wasn't fun, but, gosh darn it, neither is dying, you bone head! And, thanks to research, they have been figuring out how to best administer chemotherapy to do the most good for the least discomfort...DR. BECKER! So, that money is just being thrown out the window making lives like mine BETTER. When I was having my chemo, I was part of a trial drug program, to test if a new medication could FURTHER help folks like me. But, apparently, nothing has changed in over 50 years, according to DR. FRICKIN' BECKER! Apparently he feels that more money has to be spent on education and prevention. No kidding, Doc! You don't say? Hey, have you not looked around to see that this is happening!??? Maybe he hasn't noticed all of the breast screening programs that have sprung up as just ONE example? Maybe he hasn't watched, sayyyy, a television in his lifetime. You will find plenty of information on that thing, DR. BECKER. I presume the guy doesn't have the internet. No, couldn't. If he did, he could possibly look this shit up and actually know what the heck is talking about. Perhaps his head is stuck so far into a pit of vomit that he doesn't realize the efforts that are being made by many cancer charities in doing EXACTLY what he blabbered on about (you know, the education thing, and the prevention thing) WHILE giving cash to those trying to figure out how to find a cure. Sorry Mr. pessimist Dr. BECKER! You are SO right. We should abandon all hope, especially now when there IS progress being made, because you can't be bothered to actually research and find out that, yes, indeed, there IS progress being made. More and more people ARE surviving, and living longer lives cancer free. Sounds pretty good to me. Would this have been possible without research? Mmmmmmmmmm. According to DR. FRICKIN' BECKER, no! I beg to differ. I HAVE been on the receiving end of the progress that is being made. Thank GOODNESS for the donations that have gone towards cancer charities and such. What I think DR. FRICKIN' BECKER should do is read a book or something, and maybe learn about what is going on around him! It is clear he hasn't done this. What kind of Doctor IS this guy, anyway??

Monday, April 12, 2010

Crying Over...You Guessed It!

The latest traffic news from the Crewe and Nantwich Gaurdian in the UK ( as of April 12, 2010 at 10:00pm Doha time....


Both ways between Crewe Road and Houndings Lane
Last updated 39 minutes ago
Road cleared and traffic returned to normal, spillage of milk cleared and recovery work completed on A534 both ways between Crewe Road and Houndings Lane.


I cried.

Damn Kids and Their Baggy Pants....AGAIN!

Crazy punk kids.

From the webpages of North Bay, Ontario's, comes a harrowing tale from the North Bay Police Department's "Beat" from March 30th, 2010.


On the 29th of March at approximately 8:45 PM it is alleged that a female was walking on Johnston Rd. listening to her IPod when she was suddenly accosted by a lone male. This male then grabbed her silver coloured IPod and as the victim tried to keep her ear plugs she was pushed to the ground. The attacker then fled westbound to a nearby van and left the area. The victim remembers having seen the van pass her before the attack and it is described as being an older model Caravan, burgundy or maroon in colour with grey bottom panels. She also described the van as being noisy and “clunky”. The attacker is described as being white, 6’ tall, slim build with short brown hair and longer in the front. He wore baggy bottom blue jeans, a dark coloured ECKO hoodie and beige shoes.


I have taken the liberty of highlighting the parts of this story that made me, literally, laugh out loud. First off, indeed, the immediate thing you should consider saving when having your ipod stolen, is the earphones! Ipods are a dime a dozen. Earphones, however, are rare as gold. Noisy and "clunky"? Well, that's just plane hilarious. I'm surprised they didn't say something like "It went chug, whirrrrrrrrr, zing, pop, chugga, chugga" or something equally as descriptive. It's a petty, stupid thing to bring up, but it DID make me laugh, I cannot lie to you. Knowing Northern Ontario as I do, I am positive that noisy and clunky sums up the sound a vast majority of vehicles in the region make. And, of course, the baggy bottom jeans! Who else would steal a girls ipod but a kid in baggy jeans, I ask you?? Damn kids and their baggy pants, always causing trouble, stealing ipods and kicking puppies! Speaking of stealing, I wonder how many songs on that ipod were illegally downloaded? I'm just saying, that's all.

Fortunately, there is a happy ending....


This coming Sunday the 4th of April Constable Sue Solman will facilitate the presenting of an iPod to the woman that was robbed of one yesterday.
We had released that this women had been robbed on Monday the 29th of March at 8:45 PM while walking on Johnston Rd.
This release prompted a concerned citizen to call the officer in question and offer a substitute iPod.
This will be facilitated on Easter Sunday by the officer.
Any media agency that wants an opportunity to have photos and a possible story on this are requested to call the officer direct at 497-5555 on Sunday the 4th of April.


That's the kind of thing that you won't see happen in the big city folks! After reading this, my faith in humanity has been restored....but I still hold on to my hatred of those DAMN KIDS and their BAGGY PANTS!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crazy Kids and Their Baggy Pants!

Skimming through the internet, I came across this piece in the Manotick Messenger ( It was written by a fellow named Jeffery Morris. His column is entitled "From the Other Side". I am grateful to him for writing this, for I no longer feel quite as square as I did prior to finding this. Now, I am presuming that he has written this with his audience in mind. And, based on that assumption, I'm guessing his audience isn't very youthful. That is the only explanation I can think of. Not that I intend to be mean spirited here. I liked this column. It cracked me up. That can only be a good thing.


Street cred, mall cred, no cred

“Pants on the ground, pants on the ground.
Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.
With the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways,
Pants on the ground.”
Larry Platt, 2010 American Idol audition contestant and YouTube sensation

There is nothing quite like the experience of clothes shopping with teenage boys.

Okay, I couldn’t even begin to imagine the horrors of clothes shopping with teenage girls. But at least most girls have an idea what to look for. Perhaps, at times, appropriateness is not at the forefront of their priority list, but at least most of them know what look to go for.
With boys, well, most don’t have a clue. I know this, because when it comes to fashion, I don’t either. I never have. I never will. I have been stuck in this rut for about 30 years. And now, with teenage boys of my own, the number of fashion dufuses on Planet Morris has tripled.
So, I went on a scouting mission for them. I was at the mall – one of those big city type malls in Ottawa.

What is out there for a kid beyond a pair of jeans and a hoodie?
Well, not much.

I watched kids walk by me. They were the mall people. They hung out in the food court. They loitered around the cell phone accessory kiosk. They sat and texted and downloaded iTunes and they twittered and skyped and they talked about apps.

So I kind of watched them and even kept tabs on which stores they went in. They definitely had a look. I’m not sure what the look was. It was like there was a moat between the kingdom of hip-hop and the land of skateborders, and these kids were stuck on a raft in the middle of it.

The New York Yankees’ designer hats were on sideways, and the chains around their necks had dog tags which were worn on the outside of their seemingly too small t-shirts. Two of them had the elastic waist bands from their boxers peeking out above their low-slung jeans. The crotch of their jeans was somewhere down between their shins. A couple of them had loosely fitting hoodies over the shirts, but they weren’t anything like the grey hoodies with a simple Nike logo like my kids would wear.

“Call yourself a cool cat with your pants on the ground.
Walkin’ downtown with your pants on the ground!
Giddy-up, Pants on the ground.”

I came home, wondering if there was something beyond simplicity for my boys. I don’t want them to look like punks or to look like they would call all of their friends “G”. I don’t want them to look like they belong at a 50 Cent concert.

I just want them to look like who they are.
Regular kids.

I was just about to go on a rant about this when I saw something interesting on a U.S. news channel.

In New York, where this look is said to have originated due to what may or may not be an embargo on body-length mirrors, a state Senator is personally attacking the pants on the ground look.
Senator Eric Adams has purchased ads on two Brooklyn billboards with more on the way to promote his “Stop the Sag” campaign. Adams, a retired cop who is African-American, has also made an online video and claims “You can raise your level of respect if you raise your pants.”

The look, which has been popular since the 1990s, originated from the hip-hop and urban fashion scenes. It has been hotly debated throughout the U.S. at council meetings, school board meetings, on TV programs like Dr. Phil, and has even gone to courtrooms. The Dallas School Board embarked on a “Pull Your Pants Up” campaign in 2007, and last year, a St. Petersburg, FL high school ordered thousands of plastic zip ties for students to hitch their pants up. Bill Cosby attacked the look at a civil rights rally in 2004, saying that it gave black youths a negative portrayal as a demographic. Even the President, Barack Obama, slammed the look in a 2008 interview and speech.

Mark-Evan Blackman of the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, says the low-slung pants look is derived from the unbelted and oversized look of prison uniforms. The look was initially a symbol of street credibility. The style quickly spread from inner cities to suburban malls, both in the U.S. and Canada.

It makes you wonder. If the once street cred look is considered to be the look of a gangsta thug prison inmate and it is considered to be embarrassing for an entire culture and demographic, then how and why are we allowing our youths to emulate this look and give it, well, mall cred?

As I have been guided out of fashion purgatory this year, I have learned that pleated pants make me look 30 pounds heavier and that there is a world beyond pastel-coloured golf shirts and a five dollar haircut. For my kids, maybe a pair of jeans and a hoodie isn’t such a bad look for them? Maybe I’ll surprise them and get them a t-shirt. I’m not sure who Justin Bieber is, but I’m sure that they would love these matching tops with his face on them.

Just kidding.

Pants on the ground.

Jeffrey Morris was the 2008 OCNA Columnist of the Year. His book, From the Other Side: It's No Use Sacrificing a Chicken if You Can't Read the Entrails, is available at Videoflicks and the Manotick Messenger offices, and online at


Crime Reporting.

A few days ago, I was reading a story in the Toronto star about a shooting in Times Square, in lovely New York City. You may have heard of the place? Anyway, in the report, it said, "Overall, crime in the city continues to decrease despite an uptick in murders, felony assaults and rapes."

What was that again? First of all, I can't say I have ever heard the word uptick before. But, most importantly, if murder, rape and assault went up, what crimes went down?? Those three are kinda the big ones, no? Put it this way, they are the ones that concern ME the most. I'm not so concerned about jaywalkers or people sticking gum on subway seats. I AM concerned about being murdered! I don't think I am the only way who shares that sentiment, am I right?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Vote BNP for Britian!

It has been brought to my attention, through the grapevine that is Twitter, that as of 3pm on April 10th, 2010, the British National Party's twitter bio reads as follows:

"The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of Great Britian."

Yes, indeed. The British National Party spelled Britain wrong. I repeat, the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY spelled their beloved country's name incorrectly. Shall I repeat that again? No, I don't think it is necessary.

I think it might be time for the BNP to get a new PR person. Better yet, maybe it would be better for the party to get out of politics altogether.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All Heart Maintenance. Part II.

Yesterday, I made a blog entry about the Chris and Karleena Perry "letter incident" in St. Albert, Alberta, and the craziest thing happened:

People read it!

Three hundred or so people visited my blog, if not out and out read it. This was a new experience. I am used to having maybe one or two people read what I write in these pages. Ten readers would have been amazing. Three hundred? To me, that's the equivalent of being in a rock band and filling up a stadium!

But, I realized something as the result of seeing that so many people took a gander at my thoughts on the subject. I look at some of the words that I wrote about the Perry's, in particular, the nonchalant way I talked about boycotting their business, and I see it in a different light. It has a new meaning now. Do I think that by me writing that people will run out and boycott their business? I hope not. I don't think so. I don't think anything I write has that power. I'm not the Pope (thank goodness)!

I disagree with what the Perry's wrote, to say the VERY least. I was critical. Others have been critical. But, do they deserve to lose their business over this? I don't think so. It's unfortunate that they feel the way they do. I spoke out. That should probably be the end of it. I don't wish them ill will. I don't want to be vengeful towards them, and I sure hope that there has been no threats against made by anyone else at all. Yesterday, I feel that I might have got caught up in wanting to be mean to them for coming across so mean in their letter. In other words, I felt vengeful. That isn't right, is it?

I also feel a bit bad about even mentioning their children. I do hope that they will not feel the way their parents seem to. But, I also don't want to see them caught up in this whole deal. That isn't really fair, is it? I hope they aren't being implicated in this at all. I hope it isn't personally affecting them. Even when I say "the Perry's" that right? I mean, it is, technically...but, does that imply that I feel the whole family should be criticized? No. Chris and Karleena are the ones who wrote what they wrote, not the kids. So...sorry kids, if I did what I now know I didn't want to do.

There are many reasons that I have felt so passionately about this letter and what was said. I could go on about why, but I won't. But, ever since I read the letter, I have thought and thought...and thought about it. It angered me, it surprised me...shocked me...upset me. That is why I wrote about it yesterday. That is why I write about it now. I may write about it more, who knows. I may do that because it touches on my current situation...the place that I find myself right now in the world. It hit very close to some issues that I have been dealing with, and thinking about, and analyzing, and OVER analyzing in my brain.

Funny world, it is. A letter written in St. Albert, Alberta, in a small newspaper can have such an impact on a guy on the other side of the world. For that, I am glad that the St. Albert Gazette printed that letter, and, I guess, glad that the Perry's wrote that letter. What an odd turn of events, no?

Monday, April 5, 2010

All Heart Maintenance?

Time to add my voice to a controversy that has hit the place I was formerly a resident in: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The following is a letter written to the editor of the St. Albert Gazette by Chris and Karleena Perry, owners of the All Heart Maintenance company in St. Albert, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton. Keep in mind the name of their company as you read the letter.


Higher-earning families part of St. Albert's appeal
April 03, 2010 06:00 am

In the past few months it has become apparent to the people of St. Albert that a proposed project by Habitat for Humanity has been planned for an area of Akinsdale. At first word of this my wife and I had no comment as we believed this would not affect us, but as time wears on we have come to realize that this is an issue that will affect all St. Albert residents.
My family and I are homeowners in a new development in Kingswood. We moved our family and business to St. Albert so our children could have what we believed would be a better upbringing. The list of amenities made the decision easy; some examples are good schools and programs (not so crowded), low crime, a higher standard of living, great recreational possibilities and numerous other aspects. Every example owes itself to one major factor: high or above-average income.
The average family income for St. Albert is higher than in Edmonton or any other area municipality. We moved to St. Albert because we can afford it and we deserve it. This is a great city with great families. We feel comfortable joining in activities we would not have considered in Edmonton.
This development is a bad idea for St. Albert for both current residents and the people who will occupy the new development. Current residents will have to deal with the likeliness of children influenced by crime in our schools and adults in our community. Our cost of living will increase as we will have to pay for low-income subsidies due to higher school fees or other taxes. We won’t feel comfortable taking our kids to activities like movie night in the park or other St. Albert events for fear that there will be unruly families. We can assure each other that measures will be taken to prevent this influence, but that’s not what we want.
We don’t want a police presence at family outings. We don’t want to worry about drugs at elementary schools or gang fights at the high schools. We don’t want to worry about people speeding, possibly hitting our kids, or having to increase our police force. What we want is for St. Albert to remain as it is with very few low-income households, a place for families that work hard to live here. You can say we will screen to make sure those families won’t make the cut, but there is no level of pre-screening that will prevent some form of crime from infiltrating the proposed development. It will happen, guaranteed.
This will start a landslide of things that will turn southeast St. Albert into a low-income area instead of middle class. Low-income families will have difficulty up-keeping the proposed development, and in turn it will bring down the value of the surrounding houses. This sounds unjustified; look at some of the Habitat for Humanity developments in Edmonton where this has already occurred.
This development will be hard for the families moving in. Being low income will make it difficult for children to be accepted in local schools. Like it or not, the children of St. Albert are high-standard children and have no place for low-income classmates. When we first moved to St. Albert our teen had a hard time fitting in because of money and it was hard on him. Now he is good, but it did not go away with just a loving hug — his status was accomplished once his friends saw our house and other possessions. It sounds cruel but that is how it is; ask your children, they will tell you.
Sports activities in St. Albert are another problem area. Sure the base costs are the same as other areas, but the teams here expect more financially from families. In Edmonton there are recreational activities at the YMCA; there are no subsidies for families in St. Albert, nor do we want to pay for it. Our family membership to Servus Place is $1,300 a year plus costs for Fountain Park and other activities, but we can afford it. Putting low-income families in this situation is not reasonable or fair — it would be like giving a new car to someone that can’t afford the gas. They would be better off with a bus pass. I am all for low-income housing in Edmonton. I believe more independent living housing is required in St. Albert and would be better suited than this proposal.

Chris and Karleena Perry, St. Albert


What the fuck were these people thinking!? Well, it's clear what they were thinking, they wrote it out in black and white what they were thinking, and now we all know what they think.

Now, heck, I know the whole free speech deal will come up, as it should. These folks have every right to express how they feel. Now it's our turn, as the readers of the above article to express how we feel.

It's sad. It is sad that these folks feel this way. It is sad to know that this is the way they see the world. It doesn't do much to instill faith in humanity. What HAS restored my faith, however, is the outpouring of frustration, anger, and disapproval this letter has been met with.

I will be honest. I don't know these people. They may be nice folks. Who knows. Based on this letter, and this letter only, I cannot imagine that they would be good folks. And, I am concerned that they are part of the problem. Here is my concern. They own a company called All Heart Maintenance. First off, that name just doesn't suit anymore. How about Bigot Maintenance. That works! How about Two Complete And Utter Assholes Maintenance. I like the ring of that. By the All Heart part has to go. Sorry.

That is the minor issue, however. More pressing is the type of business this is, and knowing that maintenance companies don't have a good record of paying staff very much, I do question...what ARE they paying their staff? Chris and Karleena seem to be doing well...they point out this fact to us very clearly. That's nice. What about the people that work for them? How are they coping? If they aren't being paid very much, I would question how well they are coping. If they aren't paying them well, what does this mean? Doesn't this mean that they are adding to the "problems" that they have talked about in this mean spirited letter? Would they want the people they employ living in the same city as them? If their employees aren't making the big bucks, it sure doesn't seem like it. So, what does this say? Well, to me, it says lesser humans, as determined by the Perry's, are made to serve rich folks and then be pushed out of the way, out of sight, out of mind and out of one's hair. Lovely. I'm sorry Chris and Karleena, but in my view, you guys deserve every bit of criticism and backlash that you are getting.

Free speech IS important. But, so is facing the consequences of that free speech. That is what is happening, by the sounds of it. Personally, I call for a boycott of All Heart Maintenance, as others have. Sounds fair. Sounds fitting. Mind you, if you agree with the sentiments put forth by the Perry's, you may be considering hiring them! Good luck with that. Hope it works out for you. I'm sure their employee morale has been boosted by this episode, and you'll get some great work out of them folks.

Well, that is my rant on the issue. Is there more to say? Oh, you bet. I could ramble on and on and on and on about this. But I shant. I'll just end by saying, oh Chris and Karleena Perry, it is so sad, SO sad that you see the world in such a way. I hope your son doesn't pick up your way of thinking. I hope that there will be hope for the next generation of Perry's.

SMALL ADDITION: Here is a good blog discussion about this incident. The post is excellent, and a lot of good comments were made. Reading it made me feel that maybe I was a bit harsh, maybe? Wellllll...maybe not.:)