Friday, April 16, 2010

TAKE THAT, Pastor LaFleur!

Here is a letter to the editor from the Southwest Daily News of Sulphur, Louisiana ( It was printed on April 7th, 2010. I took the liberty of responding to it on their website, and here is the letter and my response. In it, I play the role of an American.

I have sympathized with the scores of people who have had their cars go out of control and speed away with them, leaving them fearing for their lives. I can’t imagine the panic they must feel… or maybe I can. Our federal government is out of control. Our constitution prescribes a representative form of government. Our sense of security is based on the fact that we are “in control” of the direction of our country. We decide, inform our congressmen, and laws are made accordingly. But, when Congress is out of control and acting on its own accord the system goes completely out of order. At that point, we no longer have a representative government. We have a “bureaucratic dictatorship,” an oligarchy. The will of an “elite class” determines the direction of our country, the course of our lives, the welfare of our families, the status of our economy, and the success of our professional lives. When the people of America have used every means available to communicate our wishes to our representatives and our message is downplayed, dismissed, or totally ignored, we are in a defective Toyota with a mind of its own, determining our fate, and giving no thought to our right to control.

Pastor Larry LeFleur,
Sulpher, Louisiana

And here is my comeback....

This letter makes me angry, quite frankly. Mr. LeFleur, your views DON'T reflect those of all Americans. There are a whole range of opinions across the nation for government to consider.

I am not one hundred percent sure what you are referring to when you speak of feeling out of control. I can only assume that the health care issue is at the forefront. You must understand, sir, that there are MILLIONS of Americans who have been fighting for health care for years. To say that the government isn't listening is false. Frankly, I am tired of that rhetoric. Just because they passed a bill that you aren't in favor of doesn't mean that they aren't listening, it means that they have taken into the account the needs of others with differing views than yours in our society. You can't have everything you want all of the time. This isn't registering with too many people at the moment. You aren't the only one in America, and your voice isn't the only one out there. Please understand that.


I'm pretty happy with that response, now that I look at it. I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn. But, I expressed some thoughts that I have been feeling for a while as I have watched what has been happening in domestic politics within the US. It was nice to get it off of my chest.

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