Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can I See That License of Yours??

From the Letters to the Editor section of the Orlando Sentinel of April, 6th, 2010 ( comes this letter of complaint:


Osceola hospital needs to remedy parking ills

I am 87 years old, disabled, seriously arthritic, and require the aid of a walker to get around. Several times I have had to park at Osceola Regional Medical Center, and each time has been a nightmare.

Not only can I not find a disabled spot — because there are so few — I have never been able to locate a parking place anywhere near the hospital entrance.

On a recent visit it took me 22 minutes to walk from my car to the entrance.

I am required to go to Osceola Regional Medical Center for treatment, as ordered by my doctor, periodically. Other hospitals provide either valet parking, or have extended golf carts patrolling the parking lot to pick up and drop off the people.

Why can't Osceola Regional Medical Center do the same?

Donald A. Cameron, St. Cloud

Now, I am all for independence for senior citizens. HOWEVER, given what this guy wrote, I'm thinking he probably shouldn't be driving, and therefore shouldn't be parking! Eighty seven years old, arthritic, disabled, and needs a walker!? I'm thinking that someone at the DMV was either paid off, or just didn't care about their job on the day he walked in for a license renewal. I don't mean to judge the guy, but, he doesn't exactly build up his competency level very well here. Best of luck to him...and to everyone else on the road when he's driving!

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