Friday, May 25, 2012

One Million Moms Hate GAP Love

So, GAP has this new ad campaign, and One Million Moms, a whatever kind of group they are, in the US isn't happy about it. What kind of group are they, anyway? It's one of those "Think about the children!!!", must protect kids from knowing their are gay people out there kind of groups. They are part of the American Family Association. Why is it that as soon as the word family ends up in an organizations name, you know there is going to be trouble? Anyway, they are so lovely and helpful that on their website they have a form that you can fill out, with a handy pre-written form email about how disgusted you are with GAP over showing two gay men in an ad. Fortunately, the form email can be erased! So, I erased it and put in my own message. Now, this email is supposed to go to the CEO and some other big wigs at GAP. Will mine make it through, or do the Million Mom's screen the messages that go out from this form to make sure people aren't doing what I am doing. Anyway, this is the message I put instead of their fancy form email. 

As someone who is thoroughly disgusted by, I am writing to say congratulations on your billboard ad campaign! Good work!   
It's unfortunate that those at OMM are fighting against you for what is really a very beautiful billboard. I wonder, if they focused a little less on being outraged by the billboard and focused a little more on their driving that it might actually be far more effective in keeping their children safe. LOL! I can just see a million moms out on the highways of America, seeing the billboard, the veins in their heads and necks throbbing, fixated on what they see as something horrible (they seem to hate the idea of love) and then driving right into the end of a sewage truck or something. Oh, those wacky million moms!  
Anyway, good luck with the campaign! Can't wait to pick up some shorts at Old Navy! I'm wearing a pair right now!

Yup. I am wearing Old Navy shorts as we speak. What a coincidence! They are so comfy! You should go pick up a pair!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iran? Eurovision? Give me a break!

What the hell are you doing Iran? Are you this ridiculously ridiculous? Today you pulled your ambassador to Azerbijan because the country is holding Eurovision this year, and you see it as a big gay pride parade? Are you guys really this crazy? I mean, you are the same country that also is pissed off because you think that one of the Olympic logos is a Zionist symbol. Look, the world knows that you guys can be completely moronic even at the best of times, but give me a break. Then, you wonder why the international community is against you having nukes. Because you guys do insane and stupid things like pull your ambassador from a country just to show how much you hate gays. It's not bad enough that you hang them to death. Then you are seeing things in logos that aren't there? No, no way. In no way should you have nuclear weapons. Who knows what things you'll be blowing up with them. If a diplomatic row can occur because a neighbouring country is hosting an event that you aren't even part of and you perceive it as being so way too gay, then you have an overreaction problem and should be kept away from not only nuclear weapons but sharp objects, shoe laces and glue. Now shut up, Iran. Sit back, turn on the television and watch. Who knows, you might even like it. I don't know, I've never seen the event, and frankly have no desire too. But, that's besides the point. You guys clearly need a bit of break from all this brain-storming and think-tanking you have been doing that has been bringing you to make such brilliant decisions. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Homophobic Madness Continues.

And the madness continues in the wake of President Obama stating support for same sex marriage. Although, lately, it's been a busy time for the issue, given North Carolina's vote to ban SSM, and Joe Biden making his statements in support of SSM. A report on Facebook by CNN International on same sex marriage has garnered the usual flurry of comments. Sadly, once again, many of the most vile and vicious have come from Africa. What is it about Africa and it's extremely horrible issue with homophobia? Anyway, here are some of the comments...

Wright Crown: Once u are get attracted to ur gender...believe me,u are on ur way to hell fire in which u are already in doom as long as u marriage is purely satanic...indulge in it...God will punish u himself...repent & accept God as ur lord & personal savour...

Chinedu Stanley Elastic: Be the gay u want 2be, but if u get close 2me i'll blow ur brains off......i'll hunt them like ghosts

Savonita Douglas: Mayb gays can't help the way they are, let's work on that. We, that r straight, mus go down on our knees and pray for them..mayb they don't wana b gay, but can't break the chains of it all by themselves..nothing is impossible with God. Let us all pray 2 whom ever we believe in..

Omosalewa Peter: America is sodom and gomorah, I wonder why animals think better than human beings. Can u exist if people in the world was gays and lesbians 200 years ago. Homosexualism is what some people called education, the word of God can never be amended,be prepared for total destruction,it's bitter truth. I don't care if u are a christian or not.

Faith Geh: Usa is not a country to look upto! A country where people sleep with dogs animal of any kind and now man on man and women on women. If God want it so he would not creat a woman from man. God is perfect. The bible is our guide & spirit of God is our witnes.

Kenneth Okereke Kentalky: Obama n same sex. Wonder y he is married. May be his 2 daughters wil get married 2 each other. Lol. End time.

Rasal Mohammed: i ll HATE gay marriage im not a annimel

Muhammad Shamsuddeen M C: Obama that's the end of you, even animals don't do that unless you and your people are worst then animal fool.

Mercie A. Christine: What are the root causes of these unnatural acts? Remember this acts are only physical manifestations of a much deeper problem in the human heart.

Jibril Abbas: Obama u ar a devil 4 sopporting same sex maraige. May Allah destroy u and d people dat ar practicing such devlish act. Insha'Allah u wil lose ur election lyk SAKORZY.l

And it goes on and on and on and on and on like this. It really does scare and repulse me. It saddens me and takes away some of the hope I have for this world. It further undermines my respect towards religion, as most of these people claim to be Christian or Muslim. It saddens me to see that so much of this rhetoric does come out of Africa, although, of course, homophobia exists everywhere, as we continue to see. So, I end this post with a heavy heart and a feeling of anger with my fellow human beings. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hating on Gays, and Dire General Trading in Dubai.

So, yes, as anyone who has read my blog before, one of my big issues is LGBT rights. Okay, so, since President Barak Obama of the United States of America (you may have heard of him and the country) said that he is cool with the whole same sex marriage thing, this internet thing and the social media stuff that it has on it has been pretty active with comments and opinions. Some of them are not very nice, as tends to be the case with this particular subject. On Facebook, I have pressed the like button for "BBC World Have Your Say" and "CNN International" among many others. Both of these have had a number of stories focusing on this issue. Both have a tremendous number of comments on these stories. Both have brought out the best in people....and too often the worst. And too often, the worst appears to come from posters from Africa. Now, it's hard with this issue, because I definitely don't want to be racist, but whenever BBC or CNN posts a story about homosexuality, there is a flood of responses from African listeners/viewers/followers condemning homosexuality with vile, mean, cruel and often violent rhetoric. Of COURSE all African's do not think or feel this way. Africa, afterall, is a massive continent made up of many countries, cultures, religions, languages and all the other things that fill a massive continent such as Africa. And, of course there is plenty of homophobia and hatred towards gays and lesbians elsewhere in the world. I just can't figure out why so many people from Africa are so determined to post such things on these two particular Facebook groups? What kinds of things? Well, one particular guy stood out for me. His name was Simon Tsegay. Now, to be honest, there have been people posting far worse things, but this guy was sort of trolly as well as hate filled, so he erked me, and now I am writing about him. He's from Africa but is working in Dubai (UGH!) as a salesmen at a place called Dire General Trading. So, what did he say? Here are some of the posts:

Homosexuality is as bad as Pedophilia. 

(Oh, that's just LOVELY. That's hardly offensive or cruel.)

How do you know, if we let one immoral act against nature, that many won't follow to destroy this world. Gay people are already destroying the beauty of this world by exhibiting their disgusting acts in public.

(Wow, that's pretty extreme dude. Destroying the beauty of this world? That's a lot of weight to put on the shoulders of LGBT folks)

Soon pedophelia will become legal too, in this sick country poisoning people and leading them into total oblivion.

(No, no it won't.)

 If i had a nuclear weapon, i would nuke ... ( you know who ) 

(Yes, yes we know who)

 TRUE or FALSE? Homosexuality defies logic


Now we need Iran or Russia to destroy the US. Gay people are just doing us a favour. From now one, i will support the pedophiles to rape children too. ONLY IN US THAT IS.

(Ouch. That's....not cool.)

Oh, Simon. Simon, Simon, SIMON. The things you say, especially when you have linked your profile to your employer: Dire General Trading LLC, Dubai, Naif Street, 41029, UAE. Now, knowing the Gulf region as I do, I am guessing that this isn't going to be a big issue. But, if you happen, in your travels or your dealings, come across these guys, and you agree with LGBT rights, or at least are repulsed by his statements, be sure to let him know. Dire General Trading, LLC, Dubai, Naif Street, 41029, UAE. I just had to write that again. That was fun. I know, I know, I'm a jerk. And I know this comes across as a jerky thing to do, but, hey, it's all I got. That's how I can express my anger and disappointment in statements such as those made above. So, there you have it! Dire General Trading. Got that? I do. 

A Poorly and Hastely Written Review of Jon Ronson's book, The Psychopath Test

The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness IndustryThe Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry by Jon Ronson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, I just love this book. Very entertaining read. A lot of interesting information about psychiatry and those suffering from mental illness. Plenty of laughs. Plenty of personal reflection. Just an all around great book. Jon Ronson is a wonderful writer, and his books are so easy to read. He's an excellent journalist and does some pretty interesting interviews, and finds the interesting people. Anyway, my verdict is that this is a great book!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Palfest Facepalm

So, the Palestinian Literature Festival, or Palfest, was scheduled to run May 5 to 9 in Gaza. Good. This is good. It's a travelling festival of Literature focusing on Palestinian issues. It also seems to be quite insistent on pushing the idea of cultural and academic boycotts of Israel. The festival has been running since 2008, apparently. It has been trying to get into the Gaza strip since then. This year became the big year when they were able to do that. It also seems to be quite insistent on pushing the idea of cultural and academic boycotts of Israel.  It took a while to get the required permits to go into Gaza from Egypt, to begin with. It has been reported today, via twitter by folks that were at the event, and the event organizers themselves that, low and behold, the event was shut down by Gaza police. Interesting indeed. From @Palfest:
We've been shut down by the police. #palfestgaza 
Everyone has left the event. Police were aggressive. We're staying together, have put as many people on the bus as possible. 
Everyone back at the hotel - will carry on here. Probably wont talk about books right now, though. 
Correction: The final #PalFestGaza was shut down by Gaza Police and the armed policemen stood in the entrance and on the stairs of the venue
Hmmmmm. I do feel for Palestinians, I really do. But, when the biggest obstacles to putting on an event with the partial motive of showing how oppressed Palestinians are by Israel, and to point out why Israel should be boycotted, are from Hamas, who governs over Gaza, and Egypt, who are Arab allies, then something isn't quite right. If it were up to me, I would be changing the goals to boycotting Hamas in a hurry. Hopefully, the next Palfest will focus on ALL issues that affect Palestinians beyond just looking at Israel. Palestinians deserve freedom from oppression, including oppression from groups like Hamas. Israel is not the only source of pain and heartache for Palestinians. Too often it is their own neighbours, fellow Arabs and fellow Muslims that add to the overall problem. It's time to look at the big picture, people. 

Another Day, Another Post!

I'm now patting myself on the back! I've actually been posting. It hasn't been much, and I haven't had much to say, but at least it's something, right? Right!

Good job, me!

I think that earns me some chocolate. Bye!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm Not The Only One!

Hey people of the internet. Well, I guess I'm not the only one not updating their blog. It seems that a vast majority of the blogs that I follow have not been updated in a while either. I think the internet is a wasteland of abandoned blogs, twitter accounts and funny cat pictures that are past their prime.

Anyway, in my quest to do some more blogging, I have been changing things up a bit. New header, new description. What won't change, of course, is the always questionable content. You can always count on that. No matter how slick and good this blog may end of looking, you can be assured that what I write will be mediocre at best.

Boy do I suck at self promotion.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I Should Never Shut Up, But...

...I promised I would shut up about something recently, and I regret it. But, to make life a bit easier for us, I did. Damn it!

Sorry, this is somewhat of a cryptic blog post that I am writing basically for me to get this off of my chest, although, generally speaking, that's what this blog generally is always about, right? Right.

I'm also mad that the W key on my keyboard keeps sticking, but that's going off topic too far...

Where was I? Oh, ya, shutting up. Boy I'm mad that I did that, and mad that the guy I promised it to. I don't like the guy, I have to be honest. I don't like him. I mean, I don't wish him ill will. I never wish that on people, even if I don't like them. I should stress that....

I did it again, didn't I? I went off topic a bit...

Anyway, on to a different topic anyway, although somewhat related. Boy am I tense! My whole body hurts. I hate massages, but feel as though I could use one. But, I really don't want one, because I don't like massages. So, don't even try to offer me one. Why am I tense? Well, it's a tense time. Tell you more, you say? Well, where do I begin?

So, we are living in Doha, Qatar at the moment. My wife is working for a University. Her contract is up. Neither of us have jobs lined up. Or a home. We leave in less than two months. Yes, this is a tad stressful, as you can imagine.

And, there is more....and I shall write about another time....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Much Neglected Blog

I know what you've been thinking. "Does this guy ever update his blog?" The answer to that lately has been, no. But I hope to rectify that. Soon. Not right now. But soon.