Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hating on Gays, and Dire General Trading in Dubai.

So, yes, as anyone who has read my blog before, one of my big issues is LGBT rights. Okay, so, since President Barak Obama of the United States of America (you may have heard of him and the country) said that he is cool with the whole same sex marriage thing, this internet thing and the social media stuff that it has on it has been pretty active with comments and opinions. Some of them are not very nice, as tends to be the case with this particular subject. On Facebook, I have pressed the like button for "BBC World Have Your Say" and "CNN International" among many others. Both of these have had a number of stories focusing on this issue. Both have a tremendous number of comments on these stories. Both have brought out the best in people....and too often the worst. And too often, the worst appears to come from posters from Africa. Now, it's hard with this issue, because I definitely don't want to be racist, but whenever BBC or CNN posts a story about homosexuality, there is a flood of responses from African listeners/viewers/followers condemning homosexuality with vile, mean, cruel and often violent rhetoric. Of COURSE all African's do not think or feel this way. Africa, afterall, is a massive continent made up of many countries, cultures, religions, languages and all the other things that fill a massive continent such as Africa. And, of course there is plenty of homophobia and hatred towards gays and lesbians elsewhere in the world. I just can't figure out why so many people from Africa are so determined to post such things on these two particular Facebook groups? What kinds of things? Well, one particular guy stood out for me. His name was Simon Tsegay. Now, to be honest, there have been people posting far worse things, but this guy was sort of trolly as well as hate filled, so he erked me, and now I am writing about him. He's from Africa but is working in Dubai (UGH!) as a salesmen at a place called Dire General Trading. So, what did he say? Here are some of the posts:

Homosexuality is as bad as Pedophilia. 

(Oh, that's just LOVELY. That's hardly offensive or cruel.)

How do you know, if we let one immoral act against nature, that many won't follow to destroy this world. Gay people are already destroying the beauty of this world by exhibiting their disgusting acts in public.

(Wow, that's pretty extreme dude. Destroying the beauty of this world? That's a lot of weight to put on the shoulders of LGBT folks)

Soon pedophelia will become legal too, in this sick country poisoning people and leading them into total oblivion.

(No, no it won't.)

 If i had a nuclear weapon, i would nuke ... ( you know who ) 

(Yes, yes we know who)

 TRUE or FALSE? Homosexuality defies logic


Now we need Iran or Russia to destroy the US. Gay people are just doing us a favour. From now one, i will support the pedophiles to rape children too. ONLY IN US THAT IS.

(Ouch. That's....not cool.)

Oh, Simon. Simon, Simon, SIMON. The things you say, especially when you have linked your profile to your employer: Dire General Trading LLC, Dubai, Naif Street, 41029, UAE. Now, knowing the Gulf region as I do, I am guessing that this isn't going to be a big issue. But, if you happen, in your travels or your dealings, come across these guys, and you agree with LGBT rights, or at least are repulsed by his statements, be sure to let him know. Dire General Trading, LLC, Dubai, Naif Street, 41029, UAE. I just had to write that again. That was fun. I know, I know, I'm a jerk. And I know this comes across as a jerky thing to do, but, hey, it's all I got. That's how I can express my anger and disappointment in statements such as those made above. So, there you have it! Dire General Trading. Got that? I do. 

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