Friday, May 25, 2012

One Million Moms Hate GAP Love

So, GAP has this new ad campaign, and One Million Moms, a whatever kind of group they are, in the US isn't happy about it. What kind of group are they, anyway? It's one of those "Think about the children!!!", must protect kids from knowing their are gay people out there kind of groups. They are part of the American Family Association. Why is it that as soon as the word family ends up in an organizations name, you know there is going to be trouble? Anyway, they are so lovely and helpful that on their website they have a form that you can fill out, with a handy pre-written form email about how disgusted you are with GAP over showing two gay men in an ad. Fortunately, the form email can be erased! So, I erased it and put in my own message. Now, this email is supposed to go to the CEO and some other big wigs at GAP. Will mine make it through, or do the Million Mom's screen the messages that go out from this form to make sure people aren't doing what I am doing. Anyway, this is the message I put instead of their fancy form email. 

As someone who is thoroughly disgusted by, I am writing to say congratulations on your billboard ad campaign! Good work!   
It's unfortunate that those at OMM are fighting against you for what is really a very beautiful billboard. I wonder, if they focused a little less on being outraged by the billboard and focused a little more on their driving that it might actually be far more effective in keeping their children safe. LOL! I can just see a million moms out on the highways of America, seeing the billboard, the veins in their heads and necks throbbing, fixated on what they see as something horrible (they seem to hate the idea of love) and then driving right into the end of a sewage truck or something. Oh, those wacky million moms!  
Anyway, good luck with the campaign! Can't wait to pick up some shorts at Old Navy! I'm wearing a pair right now!

Yup. I am wearing Old Navy shorts as we speak. What a coincidence! They are so comfy! You should go pick up a pair!

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