Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iran? Eurovision? Give me a break!

What the hell are you doing Iran? Are you this ridiculously ridiculous? Today you pulled your ambassador to Azerbijan because the country is holding Eurovision this year, and you see it as a big gay pride parade? Are you guys really this crazy? I mean, you are the same country that also is pissed off because you think that one of the Olympic logos is a Zionist symbol. Look, the world knows that you guys can be completely moronic even at the best of times, but give me a break. Then, you wonder why the international community is against you having nukes. Because you guys do insane and stupid things like pull your ambassador from a country just to show how much you hate gays. It's not bad enough that you hang them to death. Then you are seeing things in logos that aren't there? No, no way. In no way should you have nuclear weapons. Who knows what things you'll be blowing up with them. If a diplomatic row can occur because a neighbouring country is hosting an event that you aren't even part of and you perceive it as being so way too gay, then you have an overreaction problem and should be kept away from not only nuclear weapons but sharp objects, shoe laces and glue. Now shut up, Iran. Sit back, turn on the television and watch. Who knows, you might even like it. I don't know, I've never seen the event, and frankly have no desire too. But, that's besides the point. You guys clearly need a bit of break from all this brain-storming and think-tanking you have been doing that has been bringing you to make such brilliant decisions. 

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