Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Either I'm Crazy or She is Crazy. Which One Is It?

I love getting into online debates. I've been getting into these debates lately on Facebook. This story came along from the fine folks at NPR about how support for Al Qaida is fading, and it was open for comments. So, I took part in the commenting as I am prone to do. One particular commenter stood out, at least from my point of view. Here is how the conversation went, completely unedited. I just copied and pasted. You may also noticed that I have tried some fancy new formatting, including bringing this to you in COLOUR! Check it out!

Colette Aube: The basic problem which gave rise to al-Qaida in the first place still exists! We have, HOWEVER, given light to the problem and now we are faced with the problem of dealing with the mental illness which inflicts 99% of all males, that they are god, that they are superior, it's called MEGLAMANIA.

Just watch and see how this goes. Oh, and to those dittos of CHICKEN LITTLE that subscribe to that paranoia from that publisher concerning THE END TIMES and those drug dependents worried about 2012, WE SHALL SEE, WON'T WE?

ME:@Aube: Uh....what??

Colette Aube: Hi Los Chris Hearn, I can see you have space to rent, lets see if I can improve it so that somebody can move in and rent that space between your shoulders.

Al-Quaida, if ya haven't noticed, is like many Muslims and they worship the PHALLICE. Don't go an think that it's a muslim thing since phalllic worship is highly honored by xtians and jews. Matriarchy is not PATRIARCHY and the only diety that does any creating in the Western hemisphere is the Male who is distringuished by his appendage called a PHALLICE which they stick in your face so that you get the message to worship it. You, in your roll as G.I.Joe or Ken, don't see it simply because that's the only thing you know, THUS, like all menshaviks trying to become BOLSHEVIKS, you have no idea what a CALIPHATE or a HAREEM is, brothel or bordello, you can grasp but that's only because the problem has been reduced to simple fractions.

The problems with Al-Quaida are far more deeper than the absolute ignorance and disrespect that both terrorist groups, Usama bin Laden's group and George W.Bush's group, run by the same main-frame computer program the robots to say i.e. the childrens game called "He said/She said" where Muslims says it the xtians and the xtians say it's the Muslims. Look, if Usama bin Laden is part of a "royal family" in Suadi ARabia then that Roya Family has a lot of appologizing to do and if that nut case that the Egyptian prison system gave to Afghanistan and to Usama bin Laden has any say in it then the Egyptian prison system has just as much appologizing to do as those royal clucks from Suadi Arabia. The equation is Usama bin Laden = George W.Bush since they are both the exact same Ken Doll sold to society.

You can believe what you want to believe but don't spend what money I do not have on bombs that I disagreed with back in Nov. 2001 on my website when it was clear that GWB was buying votes, YET I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN EMPLOYED SO HE SHALL NEVER GET MY VOTE.

Lets see how the real estate brokers like the improvements I've made on that SPACE TO RENT between your shoulders. Then we'll take it from there

Colette Aube: (Responding to someone, although I couldn't figure out who, exactly): "They say I'm crazy but I have a good time", I never said the Al-Quaida was ded. I'm only saying that they were made from the same batch of plastic that manufactured many other GIJoe dolls and Ken dolls. I think I've made the case that you cannot seperate George W.Bush and Usama bin Laden as being different since they are the same. Somebody with my background has to constantly say tht I am no longer a conpirator involved in that conspiracy; I understand the conspiracy but I certainly do not believe in it. I would not want any person associated with BLACKWATER to be near me, however I understand their views.

You Anthony are as empty as Shunyata could possibly explain, if you even think of studying a philosophy outside your devotion to masturbation and the Vienne School of two dimensional reallity aka SIGMUND FRAUD.

Al-Quaida is like any revolutionary group. The only reason they existed was to fight the Soviets. When the Soviets left the battle, they had all these American made and American given toys of DEATH. They couldn't just sit there and ignore the only reason that they are alive. They had to find somebody to HATE

ME: @Aube. Um....what?

Colette Aube: ChrisHearn,Pssst,while you may nothave noticed but our friend THE MARLBORO MAN,aka Ron Reagan and George H.W.Bush gave birth to Al-Quiada by supplying them with the drugs they needed to satiate their grand DELUSION of superiority, stinger missiles, etc, and isn't I George H.W.Bush that lays claim to giving birth to George W.Bush? So isn't it true ... See Morethat George H.W.Bush gave birth to two brothers fighting over control of the Pop-e, I mean Poppie? Is the HATE that Usama bin Laden gives that different from the alleged luv that George W.Bush gives?

Ooops, pardon me, you remember those constant and ritual words "... as above so below...", or maybe you rely upon the version that says the same thing in the form of "...on earth as it is in heaven". Shazam! well look at that, what was the caste member saying to the Senator from Detroit today as he was questioned? The senator was speaking of an Email that this CFO sent suggesting that one of his products that he sold to a "customer" was shit, then, after the email showed he cognized the value of the product that he was selling to people was shit he turned around and sold about 1500 more of the same product. This CFO, or whatever, then turned around and said that he felt no remorse or any responsibility to the customer that he and his company, GoldmanSAchs, defrauded the public with as a means of enriching his myopic sense of reality in his ivory tower, aka STratus (see Gene Rodenberry). Funny,people have been saying that GOLDMAN SACHS is the pinacle of financial services on wall street, so we get this utter disrespect and concern for any other person from the top, from the best, or in this psuedo-heaven, formed by a caste system or maybe a fuedal system, and,being a former sailor in the USN, I can say the mantra: SHIT ROLLS DOWN HILL, where we find ourselves back at " above so below..." or "...on earth as it is in heaven...", do you mean to tellme that the FRAUD is obscure or oblique or hidden in some way when it is perfectly obvious. It is the same congressional record that Barry Bonds spoke on that said he "never took any performance enhancing chemicals to secure a better salary".

BSorry, children shouldn't be allowed to concern themselves with such blatantly fundamental concepts and procedures. But I imagine that you or stuck running on the wheel like a rodent or ken doll, maybe a barbie doll, and have no ability to think for yourself since you sold your brain to the corporation when you went to a manufacturing facility, university, which will give you a warrantee that enables you to be sold on the market to a corporate position.

ME: @Aube: Um...what?? I haven't been able to make sense of anything you have posted in this thread. You need an editor...badly. I am completely confused.

Colette Aube: Not surprising if/when CONFUSION is your norm. Sorry for answering, now, at this time since it's early and I just went searching for some info. I read several yrs. ago, on Yakov Leib HaKohaine's corpus, and I read, predjudiced my immediate position, w/ a work on something like "the Tikkun of animals" where he used Balem riding a donkey; the donkey ... See Morewould not pass what was perceived of as a "sign" of the "lord" but the man could not see this "sign". The donkey maintained the "will" to not pass this "sign": an example of justifying the actuality of a presence of a higher deity/power.

Why do you say that I need this or that? In this case it's "an editor" How do you know that you are without blame, that the fault, a fault, is not YOURS that you have to overcome?Why is it some other person's problem? Getting off of Western practices and going to my center of things currently, Mahayana Buddhism, why is the problem EXTERNAL and NOT INTERNAL? Why is the problem "Out There" and, in your case, NOT IN HERE? Again, I refering to a meglamania implanted within the human organism by a gang, a group, a fraternity/sorority, that you may wish to become part of or gain acceptance in and you fail to see that a foreign substance/characteristic has been placed into your AUTO-EXEC program which runs your micro-processor/mind.

Is "confusion", which you say that you possess, is this confusion the opposite of ENLIGHTENMENT? Will "knowing" cause you to feel better? Do you really have to open PANDORA'S BOX, the arch of the covenent, "door number 3", to see what's in the box, in the arch, behind the door, or do you actually need to prepare yourself better to apprehend the reality which is before your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your body, your mind? As "Morpheus" told NEAR EARTH OBJECT, I mean Neo, in the movie THE MATRIX, "I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it."

ME: @Aube. Yes...yes, it must be me, all me. It's obvious now. What a fool I have been. How could I possibly have thought otherwise.

Okay, so, PLEASE, someone tell me that I'm not the crazy one here for once.


  1. Heheheheh. Whoa. What a weird person. Um, her, not you. (Also, I just found out I get super mad when strangers online insult you!)

  2. PS. I'm very glad the title of this post does not refer to me. :)