Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Al Gore, Chile, Irena Sendler????

OH MAN! I just hit the cream of the crop when it comes to wacky letters to the editor thanks to the Columbus Packet in Columbia, Mississippi. ( But this one, of all of the letters, is the one that got me scratching my head the most.



Where is Al Gore when we need him? Where has all the Global Warming gone that he became filthy rich going around the world preaching about? Well, most of the warmth has gone South, in fact, way down South-like below the equator.

I remember my first trip to South America. It was mid Summer here but when I landed in Santiago , Chile, I discovered it was winter there. Since I didn't have winter clothing with me , guess who didn't leave the Hotel except for the trip back to the airport.

I think Mr. Gore owes the whole world a loud apology and then return the Nobel prize along with all the "cold cash" which should have been given to the most deserving person, Irena Sendler.

Raymond Gross



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