Monday, April 19, 2010

NIMBY'ers are Killing Thunder Bay!

Is it just me, or does it seem that almost anytime anything, and I mean literally ANYTHING, is proposed for Thunder Bay, it polarizes the community, and in the end, it all falls apart? From snowmobile races to a stock car track, recycling depots to development on the waterfront. Why do these things constantly become a big mess?? Now, the issue is an electricity generating "wind park".

Here is a project that can have excellent implications for Thunder Bay, through jobs, a cleaner environment, and possibly the start of a new green industry in the region. Face it, Thunder Bay needs jobs. It also needs energy.

Those concerned about the negative effects of wind turbines have a right to be concerned, HOWEVER, we have been living in the midst of a coal burning electrical plant and several paper mills for years that are far worse to our health than wind turbines will ever be. As far as I can see, the project won't have turbines very close to houses. If I am wrong, I apologize. For that matter, I wonder how many of these people who are against this development for health reasons run around on snowmobiles, have motor boats, and drive big SUV's? Guess what. They aren't the best for your health either, folks.

Eyesores? Depends on ones point of view. Isn't a giant red and white smoke stack rather an eyesore? There has been a long abandoned ski ramp at Big Thunder for years and on Mount McKay there is an abandoned ski hill! People would rather look at these than wind turbines? I have flown into European cities, looking down at these wind turbines turning away on the outskirts of town and thought to myself, "This is great! We need more of this in Canada!"

The tiring outcry that is "PROPERTY PRICES!" is ridiculous. The way Thunder Bay is going, there are less and less people around to buy property. Property prices only mean something if you can sell your property. Otherwise, the value is zero! And, the assumption is that everyone who wants to buy a house would not want to see a wind turbine. That isn't true. So, lay off of the property price crap.

Thunder Bay needs to progress to survive. It will never do that as long as the city becomes so polarized each and every time a change is proposed. This project is a positive project for Thunder Bay. It must happen.

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