Monday, April 26, 2010

SHOCKER: Nutcase Makes Nutcase Statements

WOW. What an opinion this guy has got! What a seemingly baseless, aimless, bizarre, distorted, horrific opinion this guy has got. What's the best way to describe this guy? Unhinged is a good place to start. This was carried by Christian Newswire ( Boy am I glad they ran it. Thanks to this I will NEVER send my child to a government run school because they are HORRIBLE. I'm just not sure why they are so horrible?? Maybe I best order his book today to find out!

Are You Going to HELL and Taking Someone with You

Contact: Gregory Thompson, 417-754-8774,;

OPINION, April 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following opinion is submitted by Dr. Gregory Thompson:

The government schools are anti-Christian, atheistic and pagan, and they are against God, family, and country. Do not call yourself "Christian" saying you love the children, yet have children in a government school, k-12 through college. Christian priests, pastors, and bishops hate their congregations if they do not warn their people to get out of the government schools. Pastor, you must help the parents with this issue of education. Jesus said "love your neighbor as yourself". If you do not tell your neighbors to get their children out of the government schools, you hate them instead of love them. To know this truth, and not do anything about it in your area of influence is sin. James 4:17 - "Therefore to him that knows to do good and does it not, to him it is sin." If Church or Government leaders say otherwise, it is a lie from hell.

My name is Dr. Gregory Thompson, I have been a teacher, coach, Athletic Director, Principal, Superintendent, School Board member, on state committees, and am warning you that the "Sacred Cow of Government Education" is harming the children now and for eternity. Many are trusting and ignorant, some are willfully ignorant, and many just don't know what to do.


· Government Education helps promote a culture of immorality and death.

· We could not give your child an aspirin without calling you, yet your grandchildren could be murdered without you knowing it.

· your children will receive a much poorer education than is possible

· your children will be more likely to engage in sex and perversions.

· your children will be more likely to be indoctrinated in Sodomy/homosexuality and encouraged to experience it in Government schools

· your children will be more likely to be raped & molested

· your children will be more likely to be bullied

· your children will be more likely to be taught lies

· your children will be more likely to get an STD

· your daughters will be more likely to become pregnant.

· your children will be more likely to become selfish

· your children will be more likely to become rebellious

· your children will be more likely to kill their pre-born child, your grandchild.

· Because of some of these things your children will be more likely to commit suicide

· Worst of all, your children will be more likely to go to HELL!

Do you love the children? I will give you my book free. Please do not be willfully ignorant! "Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy". I ask only that you help with the cost of S&H. This book bears witness to the truth and can cause strong reactions. Email: God bless.

Jesus says "Not every one that says unto Me, 'Lord, Lord', shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of My Father which is in heaven" Matt. 7:21

Are you going to Hell and taking someone with you???

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  1. Because of this, I INSIST that we send our son to a government school. :)