Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christ the King School to Give Credit for Being a Jerk

Oh good GAWD! Now what's going on.

I have little respect for people who stand outside of places that offer abortions with their "vigils" and such to show how much they care about fetuses and wish to show women who they do not know that they are awful for choosing to have an abortion, something that SHOULD be a woman's choice.

And, I have even less respect for Christ the King School of Winnipeg, Manitoba and their principal David Hood's brilliant idea of giving extra credit to school kids who attend anti-choice vigils like the Campaign Life Coalition's 40 Days for Life one being held in front of the Women's Hospital here in the city right now. Isn't this called bribery? "Hey, kid, if you go out there and make women feel guilty for having an abortion without bothering to find out the circumstances or the tough choices the women have had to make to get there, we'll give you extra credit! Whaddya say?"

You know what I say? Let's start holding vigils outside of Catholic Churches to recognize the thousands upon thousands of children globally who have been sexually abused by the Catholic Church. Or a vigil to people in Africa who have become HIV positive because the Pope, the good man he is, has condemned the use of condoms. We should also hold a vigil for aboriginal children who were beat, molested and died in boarding schools in Canada, some run by the Catholic Church. We should hold a vigil for members of the LGBT community who have taken their own lives partly because of a feeling of lack of acceptance, understanding and support, and the often extreme feelings of guilt and self loathing partly kept alive in our society because of wonderful organizations like the Catholic Church.

In other words, people of the Catholic Church, shut up. As long as you are involved with an organization that has brought so much horror and evil to the world, you have lost all legitimacy to speak out on practically any ethical issue. Go ahead with your little prayer vigils. You've already made your pact with the devil. You must get your own house in order. Otherwise, your theatrics are nothing more than that. And please, involving your children? Giving them school credit for taking part in these prayer vigils and saying that it is a community service? Talk about pushing the line ethically. And, to make things all that much more fun, although the school is a private school it does get public funding. I wonder what would happen if a secular school gave credit to students who attended pro-choice rallies? Hmmmmm.

Colour me unimpressed.


  1. At no point is it "okay" to kill a baby in the the womb. Just like it wasn't okay to kill any people of any race for any reason, period! It is not okay to bash or de-humanize people for any reason regardless of the sex orientation, race, religious belief etc. It's not okay and there will be judgment for that. Ridicule starts with name-calling and "snow-balls" from that point. This prayer vigil is about standing up for those that can't stand up for themselves. It is not okay to kill because life happens inconveniently. That is the epitome of selfishness. Some of you talk only about the "rights" of the mother, but never the "rights" of the baby. Do you realize how hypocritical that is. Double-standard as it is commonly known. I have to think that if most people were to stand in on an abortion and even participate in the killing of the child, it would change their minds forever about the subject. Some things have to be left as a moral issue and not political. Example, if we have no "Rules of the Road" that we need to comply with, would you actually want to be driving? Seriously, I don't think I would. The "morals of the road" or rules, are meant to protect us as we travel from point A to point B. It is the same in life. There are moral absolutes that are meant for our well being. Not to take away our choices, (that is a disfigured perception) but to help us not create "baggage" for ourselves. And let me say this, if you actually talk to women that have had the procedure done, "Baggage" is a totally understated word.

    What I think the Catholic Schools are guilty of, is that they let anybody in, regardless of their religious beliefs and that is sad. Because when you have a majority and sometimes it doesn't even take that, of people saying they don't like the values that the school is promoting, my question the the parents is, What the double h,e,double hockey sticks were you thinking when you paid the tuition to have your kid go to a religious school? You can't tell a religious school not to promote their religious, moral values. Go somewhere else! So what now-religious schools can't have their own moral/religious criteria. Well, if that is taken further, it will eventually affect the quality of education...duh....

    Seriously, check out

  2. Good job completely ignoring some of my main points.

  3. Right back atchya, buddy! Good job of completely ignoring my main points!

  4. Dude, it's my blog. You are the one who wrote the comment. I started the subject.