Saturday, August 22, 2009

...and sometime later....

Doha is hot. It is really, really quite hot.

Obviously, we are now here. So far, I have not seen much of the place, but what I have seen is very dusty.

Whence it starts cooling down, I hope to be able to see more. Right now, I've been seeing great things like the swimming pool in our compound. It is a glorious thing, even though it is as hot as...well....a hot tub. It's still an escape.

On a related note, I have now begun my full time job in Doha...being a stay at home dad. So far, so good. The two days I did it worked out a-okay. I stress....two days. This promises to be the most challenging job I will have ever had...and possibly ever will have. Can I do it?

I think so.

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