Monday, September 7, 2009

Where have I been?

Why am I not writing? I should be. Exciting new stuff is happening. I just haven't been writing about it.

Okay, so, the story thus far. We are in Doha, Qatar. It is HOT, it is sandy, and it is interesting. Gigantasaurus buildings are everywhere. What for, I'm not sure. But, they are being built, left, right and center...especially center. The other day, I was downtown and it was rather surreal to be standing in the unfinished parking lot of a skyscraper that was empty. It had obviously just been finished. I have never seen a brand new skyscraper. Here it was, towering above me, stark and dark. All around were other half finished buildings surrounded by cranes and big constructing machines. So, they offered no light, or warmth. It felt more like a scene from an apocalypse than the birth of a new city. But, there is no doubt, it is another piece of what promises to be a pretty amazing city in the end, depending on ones view of what an amazing city is, of course. I guess the true test will come when it is all done, and residents take up space in these pillars. Then the true personality of the place will come out. The architecture, the ideas and the sheer scale of the projects are impressive, there is no denying that.

So, that's downtown, along the water front. Then, there is where we live. It's dusty, hot, and rather dull looking, but that is part of it's charm. Villa after villa that look identical are being put up faster than one can say, "Hey, could you build me a villa?" They are all massive, and, mostly empty at the moment, hidden away behind walls...compounds really. It wasn't that long ago that this would have been just barren desert. It still is, really, it just has villas on top of it. I like it though. There are enough gaps, enough spaces, enough odd little places mixed in to make it interesting. The odd shop here or there that looks pretty run down, right next a brand new McDonald's adds contrast. Big, expensive cars driving by migrant workers dressed in dusty, sweaty clothes. People hanging around mosques, skinny cats diving in to dumpsters, cars speeding by, kids whizzing around on bikes...there is life amongst the walled compounds.

And, as far as people go, I can't say I have actually met anyone who is from Qatar yet. I have met people from India, Nepal, Egypt, Iran, Canada, and seemingly anywhere else BUT Qatar. It makes sense in many ways. Only 30 percent of the population is from Qatar. The rest are here to help build Qatar, work in the oil industry, help the country become a leader for education, and sell hamburgers.

So far, it's an interesting place. I will try to continue to write about it, as much for me as for any other reason. Like when I was in Turkey, I do want to keep a record of what I am experiencing. It is worth it. These have been amazing experiences, and I'm sure there will be plenty more coming in the near future. At least, there better be!

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