Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael Sona vs Democracy

Oh Michael Sona, you are indeed an idiot.

Have you heard this story? It's a good one, showing just how much democracy appears to be eroding in Canada at the hands of the Conservatives. Sad and scary. It seems that there was a special ballot station set up at the University of Guelph to entice more students to take part in the voting process. Yes, it's a bit early, but this has been done before (for a wide variety of groups) and appears to be perfectly legit and fine with Elections Canada. However, the Conservative Party doesn't seem to agree and wants these votes discounted as expressed in a letter sent to Elections Canada. 

To make matters worse, one Mr. Micheal Sona, the communications director for Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke, decides to show up, declare that what was going on was illegal, and apparently even reach for the ballot box (what he was planning to do with it, I am not sure)! Oh may, oh my, oh MY! What can I say about that? What can anyone say about that? To get your slimy, no good, democracy hating lawyer (I shouldn't say that, I don't know the guy, I am only speculating) to send a letter to Elections Canada is one thing, but then to take matters into your own slimy, no good, democracy hating hands? What kind of an idiot must you be?? If these allegations are as true as they appear to be, this is just the latest sign that the Conservative Party would appear to be enemy of democracy. Disrupting voting is a disgrace. Canada sends observers to other countries to monitor elections to PREVENT these kinds of things from happening. Michael Sona was not only out of line, but seemingly out of his mind. This is just another black mark on the Conservatives who have already been kicking people out of their party rallies, stifling the media, and just generally being Conservative morons. These guys must go!

I not only urge Elections Canada to make sure that each of these votes count (and I hope each one of them is against the Conservatives) but whoever has the authority to deal with this situation must take action against the Conservatives for this complete and utter display of jerkititude. Does Canada need any more proof that the Conservatives aren't fit to be running the country? I sure know I don't!


  1. This Michael Sona stands for all the slimy, banana republic, anti-democratic, fascist nerd tactics being used by the Tories in this election campaign.

  2. Again look at this

  3. And here's an article connecting Harper directly to membership in a white supremacist group of which he WAS a member:

  4. You folks perfectly show what viral spreading is and how it happens- Get the facts straight- WHY WOULD HE OR ANYONE WANT TO STOP FOLKS FROM VOTING- HOW WHOULD THEY even WIN THEN? (SOME PEOPLE AE SUCH IDIOTS!) The intent was not to stop anyone from voting BUT only TO stop them from voting THERE AS IT WAS AN ILLEGAL POLLING STATION AND NOT AUTHORIZED BY ELECTIONS CANADA. YES THAT'S RIGHT! OOOOH A HUSH FALLS OVER THE CROWD- Could it be there is another side of the story??!! So NO it was not legit you're wrong. NO ONE, STUDENTS OR OTHERWISE should have been voting there. They wouldnt even let the Conservative scrutineer in but let everyone elses. Hmmmm, isnt THAT wrong? So where are the voices for what is right? Where due process is to be upheld so that voting is done CORRECTLY ACCORDING TO the guidelines established when so much is riding on the outcome for our country why does no one care about THAT??? But no one in the Liberal media of Guelph looks at that. The media esp here in Guelphis SO one sided and skewed. Facts please! ALL the facts!

    Some types only care what supports the Liberal agenda and they can do whatever THEY want even if illegal and all eyes are closed, but let a conservative TRY to stop the illegal activities of the liberals and THEY become the target of such a voracity and attack to defy character. I am speaking as an unbiased observer but those are the facts. I am a member of no party. Interesting same thing happened in 2004 with the Liberals making the same charges as today in Guelph but THEN Elections Canada not only sided with the Liberals and rightly so, but ALSO DISALLOWED ALL THE VOTES from that station ALSO RIGHTLY SO THEN BUT NOT TODAY with the Conservatives!!!! Tell me WHAT"S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??? ITS OBVIOUSLY one sided. I implore folks before falling prey to wrong accusations- GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT AND PLEASE THINK.

  5. amazing how you can post this blog like you know what WE are going through and then have the nerve to slander someone you dont even know! You have no right to speak the way you do of our events here as you left Canada and NOW live in QATAR and this AFTER living in Turkey for 2 years! Then you have the nerve to speak about this little city and throw garbage when you know NOTHING apart from what you have heard and been fed by the media. Just another example of people jumping on the Liberal boat and even worse- People believing it and feeding on it.

  6. Thanks for reading folks. Yes, I am residing in Qatar, but am a citizen of Canada who is eligible to vote, and who pays taxes in Canada. And while here my wife is working for a Canadian company. Besides, everyone has a right to speak. As far as the facts, well, I'm just going on what I have been reading, and all of it says that, although there was some dispute as to the legality of the polling station, Elections Canada has said that it was legal and the votes will stand. As far as Mr. Sona, if he was mad, fine. If he didn't like what was happening, fine. But showing up at the polling station and making a big fuss was just ridiculous. There was a letter sent to Elections Canada asking for the votes to not count. Why not leave it at that and let the system work? No, he had to go down and act like a dick. Anyway, be sure to leave your email addresses in the future so I can write you to see what you feel I should write in my blog to make sure that I say what you want me to say...:)