Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Our main man in Ottawa, crack criminal expert, PM Stephen Harper has come out in an interview stating that "Islamicism" is the biggest security threat to Canada.

First off, what is Islamicism? Is Harper starting to make up his own words, possibly inspired by legendary orator Sarah Palin? Unfortunately, it almost sounds like the problem is Islam by looking at this odd word. Did Harper mean Islamification? It almost seems like it, but who knows. I guess that is the beauty of being able to make up your own words when you are the leader of a country. It keeps people guessing. Is Harper afraid of Muslims? This word, which seems to encompass all of Islam without distinguishing between radical Islam and Islam, seems to imply that this is the case. I'm sure Harper realizes the difference, right?

Regardless, I would like to take a moment to call BS on this. Islamic extremism is a threat. Yes. However, as I sit here in Winnipeg, I have seen in the papers a daily barrage of news stories about murders, stabbings and shootings. There is a biker war going on in the city, gangs are very active and there appears to be a arsonist or several on the loose who seem intent on burning down Winnipeg. Thus far, I have not seen or heard about ANY problems from Muslims. So, organized and unorganized crime is tearing apart this city, just as it is other cities across Canada, but the major threat is Islam? I'm thinking not. Remember the riots in Vancouver, which was essentially a large act of terrorism? Who was responsible for that? Moronic, rampaging hockey fans. So far, it appears that radical hockey fans cause much more harm and damage to Canada than Islamic extremism. I think it's time we start targeting hockey fans, doing more security checks on them, putting them on no fly lists and sending them off to Syria to be pummeled. It seems to make far more sense than targeting Muslims, no?

I am saddened to see that once again Stephen Harper appears to have no grasp on reality. Is Islamic extremism an issue? Yes. Always. Extremism of any kind is an issue. Thus far, Canada has had little issue with Islamic extremism, while it has had more than it's fair share of issue with extremist criminals in the biker and non-biker classes of gangs. We've had more damage and fear caused by hockey hooligans than Islamic extremists. No, Harper, it would appear that there are far greater issues that threaten national security than Islamicism, whatever that is.

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