Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mhamad (Mohamed) Eskandar and HELEM Montreal

Oh MAN, why do people have to be so overwhelmingly horrible at times? I came across a well written letter by HELEM Montreal. I have never heard of HELEM until now. This is what the organization is about, and based on this and everything I read about them, I like them and they have my support:

HELEM Montreal is a Lebanese Canadian LGBT, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization registered in Quebec since 2004. We lead a peaceful advocacy movement for the liberation of the Lebanese and Middle-Eastern LGBT community from all sorts of legal, social and cultural discrimination. 

Now, they have great concerns, for good reason, about one Mhamad Eskandar coming to Montreal and Ottawa to perform. ("... at Place Vertu Center on September 1, 2012, and at restaurant Mazaj in Ottawa on September 2, 2012."). Said Eskandar has a history of writing writing and recording homophobic and sexist songs. One that has, in particular, raised concerns is Dodd Al Ounf. According to this video, helping mom do the dishes when you are a kid and wearing high heels for two minutes turns you gay. According to the letter linked above:

"Mr. Mhamad Eskandar released in 2012 a homophobic song entitled “Dod El 3enf” which translates to “Against Violence”; a slogan commonly used by the LGBT community in its advocacy against discrimination. The title was purposely used to ridicule the LGBT cause and advocacy efforts. The song starts by depicting two parents fighting because of their son’s sexual orientation and blaming the gay son for the disputes and separation of his parents. The song then describes the son as a “lover against violence” who resembles a female. Although he looks like a man, he displays the mannerism of a woman. The song also provides that from the time men stopped enlisting in the army, they became contaminated with a “disease of softness” and lost 50% of their masculinity. It also encourages the physical abuse of boys displaying any femininity."  

Ya, that ain't cool buddy. In fact, that's being a complete asshole. Anyway, this kind of crap pisses me off, as you probably know from previous posts on the subject. Why do assholes like this wish to perpetuate stereotypes, dehumanize gays and put "Machismo" above anything else?? It's bullshit. And, I feel very bad for LGBT folks in the Lebanese community in Canada who want to stay away from this homophobic crap by living in Canada, but have an idiot like this follow them to play near them. I mean, this kind of homophobia is bullshit regardless of the community it is negatively impacting. I'm not calling for him not to come. But, I am pissed off that people actually want to see this idiot perform. I mean, his music is utter and complete crap anyway to start with. But, then when you combine the fact that he has a long history of homophobia and sexism, you can't help but question who would pay to see this guy. And, I hope he is met with protests and I hope that people everywhere are made aware of the content of his lyrics and his views. It's just ridiculously stupid that a grown man is so sadly homophobic and misogynistic. Grow up, dude.

As a Canadian, I am saddened whenever I hear about homophobia in this country (or anywhere for that matter). But, when it's being imported, it pisses me off that much more. Fine, come to Canada, make your money off of your crappy homophobic music, leave with a smug smile thinking your hot shit because you have an "international" following. Whatever. Plain and simple, your a dick and I'm disappointed you will be performing in Canada.

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  1. That fucking asshole pissed me off i used to love his somgs and dabke on them but the second i heard dod el 3onf i was so offended and felt such a slap in the face... I cracked his cds and no one is allowed to listen to him in my prescence