Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Abdul Qadeer Baksh: A Sick, Homophobic, Ideal World

Yo, Abdul Qadeer Baksh, you are a jerk. Recently in a BBC interview (highlighted in this article from, you cowardly and cruelly stated that in a perfect society, homosexuals would be punished. Allow me to call you an asshole, because that is what you are. Since you stated this, you've slimed around and tried to justify your horrible statements by saying that you think this is how things should be in some utopian society and that you don't want to see it in the UK, necessarily. Here is the deal, I don't care. You said it and in doing so, you have implied that there is something wrong with being gay. Here is the bottom line...THERE ISN'T!

Now, the usual garbage has ensued, "Freedom of speech! My opinion!". Want to hear my opinion? You are a DICK. You are free to your misguided and warped opinion, but you are also accountable for your ridiculous statements. Your religious dogma is dangerous. It doesn't even matter what religion this is connected to. It's religious dogma, and it's extreme. You hold an extreme view that people that are doing NOTHING wrong, would be punished in a perfect society. That, my non friend, is spreading hate. You can try and worm your greasy little self out of this by your usual tactics of turning everything into a grand Islamophobic attack on your religion.

Here is the problem. You are in a position of power. You have influence. You are the chairman of the Luton Islamic Center in the UK. People look up to you. People listen to you. Now, here you are, on the record saying that in an ideal society, gays would be punished (Gawd only knows what you are saying off the record, or behind the walls of your Islamic center). Great, thanks so much for spreading hate. LGBTs have fought LONG and HARD against the very garbage you are spewing forth. And all you can do is hide behind your religion, like a coward, and trying to justify such inflammatory rhetoric in every way you can, trying to make you look like some open and tolerant guy who has been misinterpreted and misrepresented. You aren't. It's clear. There is no mistaking this. You have an extreme view, and it is one that needs to be fought against so that we can have peace and equality in our societies, where LGBTs don't feel marginalized or threatened by such rhetoric. It's the same kind of world you keep fighting for everytime you scream "Islamophobia!!!" when someone says something about your religion you find offensive. Here is a tip: If you are going to scream Islamophobia at the drop of a hat, try not being a big, cowardly homophobe.

As far as I can see, you are creating your own hole, making your religion look completely intolerant and barbaric when saying that in a perfect society, an Islamic state, people would be punished for their sexual orientation. And then you wonder why there would be a backlash against your views or your religion? I'll give you a and your view of your religion is insanely sick.

Fortunately, there are wonderful, smart, progressive Muslims out there who not only don't share your views but see people like you as an embarrassment to the religion and as someone who just makes it harder for good Muslims out there. You are letting your brothers and sisters in Islam down, and creating bitterness and anger towards your religion. Good work, sir. Consider that the next time you scream about the horrors of Islamophobia.

UPDATE: Since writing this, I have been tweeting him and others and watching his tweets. Today, he said this brilliant bit in regards to LGBTs: "nobody hates them or wants them killed .. We want them fixed and saved." Fixed and saved? Seriously dude? The one that needs fixing and saving is you....and your disgusting homophobia, and your vile sense of moral superiority. I should add in ignorance as well. Fixed? First off, there isn't a "fix". Second of all, there is no NEED for a "fix". There is NOTHING wrong with being gay. It is a normal, natural state of being, period. It is not an illness or disease. It is not immoral or wrong. There is no need to fix this. Another tweet? "maybe therapy or some way to help them change". What? Why? Therapy for WHAT?? Change?? WHY?? He just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper.

I have to add that one thing that makes me angry is that while I am tweeting and fighting against his homophobia, the only people that have joined me or right wing conservatives, including EDL and BNP types. I am firmly left in my values and ideology. Why am I the ONLY leftist taking on this guy? Where are my fellow lefties on this! 

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