Thursday, November 7, 2013

White Poppies, Red Poppies? Just Chill.

Remembrance Day has become a day surrounded with subjective symbolism. People should feel comfortable with the choices they make and the symbols they choose when marking this time of the year. Often these symbols just come down to what they mean personally. Freedom means that people have the ability to think and act of their own accord. Attacks on others about the perceived disrespect certain symbols show do more to destroy the meaning of the day than the symbols that people choose to adopt, in my opinion. Let's all mark a historic event without anger or frustration over who chooses what symbol. Let us all mark it in a way we each feel most comfortable personally.

Of course, the main issue at the forefront now, as in every Remembrance Day since Remembrance Day began (as Armistice Day) is around red vs white poppies (Yes, the white poppy has been around as long as the red poppy, a fact which some people aren't aware of). If you ask me, it isn't an issue of red vs.'s an issue of personal choice. They aren't at war with one another. Plenty of people wear both together. Everyone just needs to chill out and not worry about what others are wearing. It's their choice. It's their personal message. It isn't your choice. It isn't something you are forced to wear. You don't even have to like it. But when I see people on line threatening to beat up people who wear white poppies, which I see every year without fail, I just shake my head. That is completely unnecessary. Don't threaten violence over this (as is the case in exhibit A, below) . It isn't cool. It isn't appreciated. It isn't nice. Chill out. Let freedom ring, don't forget the past, look to the future.


  1. i agree it's all a personal choice. I don't wear poppies because my belief is in my heart and not shown by a flower. It means nothing to me to wear a poppy, but it means more to me the purpose behind it which is why i feel no need to wear it. having said that we still get the occasional idiot who, on the one hand preaches peace through these so called remembrance days and then waste their time posting offensive comments on youtube. Know what i mean? these poppies make me want to vomit because they're fake. The poppies are fake, not the message they stand for. they make me want to vomit, get it?

  2. What a disgrace that many laid down their lives so the legacy would be one of mixed messages and holier than tho rhetoric.
    It would seem to me that too many traditions are being lost, removed or discarded by those that enjoy the freedoms facilitated by those that they condemn.
    Is it so much to ask to wear a symbol of remembrance and respect the sacrifices, without trying to invoke some kind of self importance campaign.
    Try and remember this while your blogging from your smart phone in a coffee shop on a street full of quaint little shops.

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