Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reflections on Comedy (part 1)

Comedy. Oh you are an odd beast, you are. Yes, I do comedy. Am I a comedian? I don't know. At what point can you declare yourself a comedian? I get up on stage every week and I do my little jokes and sometimes people laugh and sometimes people don't. Sometimes I actually remember my jokes. Half the time I don't. There are times when I feel like the audience loves me, and times when the audience wants me dead....if there even is an audience.

It all seems so objective. I've seen some hilarious people get mixed reactions, and some terrible comics get a great reaction. Why? It's all down to the right people being in the right place at the right time in the right frame of mind. All factors have to come together perfectly for a really good night. How often does that happen? Maybe if you are Russell Brand or Louis CK or something it's every night. When it's a guy like me getting stage time here and there at open mics, with the odd contest thrown in and whatever else I can do, it's rare that all those factors come together. But, when they do....it's magical. 

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