Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thinking of Catcalling someone? DON'T!

Lately, the issue of street harassment has come front an centre after a woman in NYC released a video of the kind of cat calls and unwanted attention she got while walking around the city. Today, I read a news article from CTV talking about anti-street harassment posters that have gone up in Montreal.

Here's what has me completely outraged. There has been an enormous outcry by too many people who seem to think that harassing people in the streets is, you know, okay. Well, guess what, it really, truly isn't. Why do some people feel that as soon as a women enters the street, she is open to cat calls and "compliments", being approached, being hit on, and just generally being harassed? What is the thought process behind this?

And what do these harassers think they are gaining from this? Do they really believe for a second that their harassment is going to land them a hot date or a fulfilling long term relationship of some kind? I just don't understand the point. I see street harassment as pure selfishness on the part of the harasser. They seem to have this idea in their head that they are entitled to do this, that trying to tell them that it is wrong to do this is some kind of an afront to their personal freedoms. Sadly, they don't see the encroachment on other peoples right to walk from point A to point B without becoming a target for male attention as something that should be respected. These women are NOT on the street for you to prey on. They are on the street because that's what humans do, they go out, they walk on the sidewalk, they go to the store, they carry on with their lives. Let them for gawd sakes. There is no good reason to impede their day with your sexual overtures are "compliments".

If someone is going to the store because they ran out of toilet paper, do you really think hoping some strange guy on the street will "compliment" her is something she is desiring? No, she desires toilet paper. Why can't she go to the store and buy that toilet paper in peace? Is that really, honestly too much to ask? It seems that, for some men, the answer is yes, and to ask for that is some kind of PC gone mad, Femanazi madness taking away the rights of men to sexually harass women which is their god given right. For frick sakes!

I hate to say it, but being a man is a curse and a blessing. For starters, I don't have to put up with street harassment. On the other hand, I have to share the same gender as men who think it's perfectly okay to harass women in the street, and it is not only their right, but apparently their duty! Well, screw that.

And oddly enough, I have seen no shortage of women saying that other women are over reacting, and that just blows my mind. Fine, if you like to be cat called, hey, whatever. May I suggest you tell men then that you want to be cat called. No one should assume at anytime that a woman WANTS to be cat called or harassed just because some women feel that other women are over reacting, like this ladies comment...
 I think this is silly .... as a woman ..I don't agree with these feminist groups at all ...All it is is a form of oppression and causing fear amongst men... its ridiculous feminist groups want equality but what I see is not equality at all
Oh geez. Well, what can I say? She's a women. Her experience is different. Fine. But I feel for women who aren't exactly enjoying unwanted attention.

Now, some will argue that, "Hey, me saying 'hi' or smiling at someone isn't harassment". Well, yes, that argument can be made, but intent is important to consider as well. If you are approaching people and smiling and saying hi ONLY for self serving interests, then you might want to consider not doing it. If you are genuinely nice person and give off that impression, ya, I mean, people aren't so cold that they don't want to interact with other humans altogether. Just, be reasonable. And if someone doesn't say hi, you might want to consider that, perhaps, they have had one too many encounters with other humans that haven't been too nice to them to feel comfortable with your hello. Guess what. This can be a side affect of the street harassment that seems to be all too common that it seems too many people are condoning.

And of course, there are still those that say women are inviting this attention by how they dress, such as the person who made this comment....
Then I suggest that the women who are complained, to dress a little more conservatively. The whole world does not need to see your cleavage. If you expose it for all the public to see, then of course your going to attract attention.
Apparently, some people really do think that a women should wear a burqa or face the consequences. Come ON! Do we really have to go through this shit again? Do we really have to insist that it is the woman's fault for how she dresses? If someone dresses in a way deemed too provocative they are outright asking to be harassed and should just accept it? Dear lawrd.

The message I am trying to get across? Don't be a jerk. Think of someone other than yourself for once, would you? Women are not yours to do what you please with. They are humans. Treat them as such. Don't treat them as your personal toy to play with on the street. Because they aren't. They aren't there for YOU, believe it or not. There is more to the world than just YOU. I know, I know, it's so hard to believe. But, yes, you aren't the only person on the planet and it doesn't all revolve around you. So, just let people be, okay? Is that really too much to ask? It's not like someone is saying "You aren't allowed to eat food!". They are merely saying "Please, don't harass me!" Seems like a pretty reasonable thing to ask, no? I should change how I started this paragraph. The message that many harassed women are trying to get across is that they don't want to be harassed. Listen to them. For fuck sakes, just listen to them!

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