Saturday, February 4, 2017

On Men Pepper Spraying Conservative Women (And The Silence Of The Left)

At what point did pepper spraying a woman peacefully ending an interview with a reporter become acceptable?? Other angles of this same incident showed that it was a man who walked up and pepper sprayed her right in the face. Once again, a MAN attacking a WOMAN with pepper spray. At what point did this become okay?? I thought this kind of violence towards women was exactly what we were trying to wipe out in our society. However, it seems to suddenly be an okay thing to do.

Now, if this had been a Trump supporter doing this to a non-Trump supporter this would be all over the place. But, somehow, this got buried. Why was she attacked? She was wearing a red hat. Apparently now wearing a red hat is enough to get you pepper sprayed. The hat actually read "Make Bitcoin Great Again." Now, yes, she was at Berkeley to see Milo Yiannopoulos. Yes, she is a Trump supporter. Apparently that is enough now to warrant getting a blast of pepper spray in the face. More people on the left need to be speaking out against these kinds of things. Where are they?

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