Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright for Planning

It's Saturday night, and I'm sitting here on the computer trying to come up with some travel plans. I need a new adventure. I need to see or do something different. So, I'm checking out my options. Different ideas keep popping into my mind, but, I think I might be making up impossible scenarios. First off, I had this idea of going to Kars in the North East of Turkey and then taking a train to Georgia. For some reason I was under the impression that a train went from Kars unto Georgia. I'm not so sure about that. There is a rail line going out of Kars, and according to the map, it goes into Iran and then into Georgia, but it doesn't look like something that I can buy tickets to use, which suggests this service may not actually exist.

I'm also thinking of another stab at Bulgaria. I want last year for a few days and really quite liked it. I went to Plovdiv. I'm thinking of going to Sofia. In particular, I want to go to a football game, especially a CSKA match. This team has a hardcore following of neo-nazi skinheads. I'm sure other Bulgarian teams do to, but this one I know for sure does. I don't know why I have an interested in seeing these guys doing their neo-nazi thing at a football game, but I do. Partly, I think, because I have never experienced that. I will avoid wearing my t-shirt that features a swastika with a giant red line through the middle. I may get beat up.

As well, I'm interested in the South East of Turkey, a mostly Kurdish area, which has been very unsettled for many years. I would like to go to the province of see the point where Iraq, Iran and Turkey meet. I have this desire to at least see the Iraq border. I'd love to go to Iraq, and I know that it is possible, but, I don't know if I'm that adventorous yet. A friend of mine was there during the recent elections as an observer representing the UN. I think she has the best job on the planet. She gets to see Obama in Istanbul. Damn her.

I'm also thinking about Diyarbikar or Van, maybe Mardin. There is just so much to see here in Turkey, and I wonder how I can see it all! I know that isn't realistic or possible, but, I can try. But, even beyond Turkey's borders...Georgia, Iran, Armenia, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece...all within close range, all interesting places, all places I either want to go, or see more of. So, I just have to do it. I have to pick my next destination and go. Maybe I should go to Kars and see how I would get into either Iran or Georgia? Who knows. Or, maybe I should just jump on the bus and head to Sofia. Or, maybe I should do something completely different. Maybe I should just go to the otogar and get on the first bus I can get on going...somewhere...and see where I end up. I like just rambling along, not really having a destination, or even knowing where I am for that matter.

Oh, I appear to be in luck! I have found out how to get from Kars into Georgia. Mind you, it doesn't seem to be on a train, and it does seem to be a bit of a logistical challenge, but, it looks pretty interesting. The temperatures are still a little cool in that area though for sleeping outdoors...maybe I'll have to wait a month or so to do that run. And, if I do that, I have to find out something about Georgia. I know very little about it. But, it seems like a good idea to go

Well, we will see where I end up. Tomorrow, a friend of ours is driving to a town not far from Ankara, near the ancient Phrygian capital, Gordion. Who are the Phrygians, you might ask? Good question. I'll find out the answer tomorrow. This place is, supposedly, where King Midas was buried...and where Alexandar the Great slashed the Gordion knot, which was a good thing, apparently, at least for him. I really must find out more.

Iyi aksamlar!

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