Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Analyzing Analytics

Alright! I just spent the last half hour figuring out Google Analytics so I can see how many people visit my site to read what little I have posted, partly because I have spent so much time doing stupid stuff like trying to figure out Google Analytics. With that aside, I should say that the whole GA thing looks kinda neat, what with the fancy graphs and bars and lines and stuff! I like statistics. I like information. I like gathering information. So now I can gather information. I just have to put up information for people read so I can gather information on that information that they are reading!

It's Amazing how I can put so much time into things that are really so unimportant, but can't seem to find time to do something that is important, which is to work on my writing. But, with each little post I make, I hope it will get my brain going and guide me towards making bigger, better, more interesting posts. It's one of those baby step things, I guess.

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