Sunday, December 20, 2009

Late Flights and Bad Advertising

Here we are in Munich, Germany for our Christmas Holidays. We left Doha at 2am. Yes....2am. I repeat....2am. Will we ever do that again? No, sir, we will not do that again, ever.

Now that we have a one year old, our traveling style has changed somewhat. We asked the hotel to arrange for a driver to pick us up. I usually frown on this and disuade my wife from ordering such a service, but, I have softened in this stance recently. A driver arrived. He ferried us out to his BMW, bundled us in, and headed down the road. While en route, said BMW lost all power and died...just a few short miles from the BMW factory. Not a ringing endorsement for BMW. I will always remember this warning should we decide to purchase a car we really can't afford anyway.

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