Monday, March 1, 2010


Okay, okay, okay. My hopes and dreams of writing in this blog more often have not come to fruition. This doesn't mean I'm not writing, however. I was thinking about it, and realized that I am constantly writing, and practicing and getting my brain going, it's just in a more micro-blogging/social media kind of way. With facebook and twitter, etc., I'm always writing something. It's either a status update or a response to someones status update, or a response to someone who responded to my status update, or comments on photos. After I'm done doing all of that, I'm done. I've done my writing for the day. Staying at home with my son takes up most of the day. So, when I do any writing it is at night. And, I tend to be pretty tired by, say, 8pm. Therefore, my blog output has been minimal.

There. I've justified my lack of blog posts. Ha!

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