Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Qataris in Their Natural Environment

It's very easy to start feeling negative about Qatar. There are a lot of things that go on here that I really dislike. The problem is, I know there are good people here. I just have to meet them, right? This is a problem. Since I have arrived here, I haven't actually met many Qataris. I wish this weren't the case. When we lived in Turkey I met a lot of Turks, but here I haven't met many Qataris. It seems that the only contact we have with Qataris is either when they try to run us off the road, or when we see them in malls. Other than that, there is no contact. It's hard to have an accurate view of people when you don't actually talk to them. The odd encounter I have had has been very good, as I have outlined in a couple of previous blog posts. But, since then, no contact with the illusive Qatari. This is stupid. I have to meet some Qataris. I have to get to know some people and get a better understanding of what Qatari culture actually is. This is my new goal. I mean, we were in Nepal for one week and I met more Nepalese than I have met Qataris in the year I have been here. For that matter, I have met more Nepalese in Qatar than I have met Qataris. This isn't right. This isn't good. This isn't the way it should be.

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