Friday, October 22, 2010

Road Junky Sahara Retreat: This Looks Frickin' AMAZING!

Holy jeez, check this thing out.

Here's the deal. I have been following a blog for a while now called Road Junky. It's a travel info site with country guides, advice, stories, videos and all kinds of other information for more independent travelers. I love it. There is a ton of good stuff to read. I do love to travel after all, and I do love to read what other travelers are up to. This is a great place to do it. Take a look at the site:

So, the folks at Road Junky are putting on a retreat vacation into the Sahara desert! I think this looks pretty darn cool and the price is pretty darn good, if you ask me. How good? It's just 199 Euro for five days. That's good. Face it. This includes everything, other than airfare of course. If my parents weren't coming to visit me and my family in Doha right at that exact time, I would be going. I'm looking at the breakdown of what will be going on and it sounds amazing, what with YOGA and all. Imagine, yoga, in the Sahara desert. Surreal! Read about the retreat, I think you will be impressed:

Want to book your spot? Why not book it HERE! Even if you don't book at this link, consider booking somehow, someway. It really does seem like an amazing experience. Why not sign up? Could be, SHOULD be, the adventure of a lifetime!

DISCLAIMER: This message has been brought to you by me. I love this road junky site and they have been really great to me. I've been enjoying interacting with them, and they have been supportive and helpful in my own writing, which I appreciate. That's why I want people to know about them, and of course this retreat.


  1. Hey there,
    I'm Claire from RoadJunky, thanks a lot for talking about us ! Soon you can also follow us on Twitter, diggit etc.
    By the way, there is remaining space in the retreat... Do you know anyone who wants to join ? We're eager to welcome more people !
    You can contact me at to talk about it !
    See you soon !