Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day in the USA.

Dear former neighbours to the south,

You are voting today, which means the rest of the world is waiting to see what you will have in store for us in the next few years. Of course, the United States is, at the moment, the world’s sole superpower. Decisions made in Washington have a tendency to affect everyone on the planet in one way or another, and too often the effects are unfavourable. After taking a big step forward in 2008, sadly it would appear that the US is on the verge of not only taking a step back, but diving into a completely new puddle of stupidity by voting for a right wing that is getting increasingly, and scarily, farther right…and by that, I mean, WRONG. Two years ago, Barack Obama really did bring in change. After the world had to suffer through 8 years of Bush, Obama brought hope back. He has managed to rebuild bridges that were completely firebombed, bulldozed and buried by George W. He has managed to save the US from a complete financial meltdown and a major depression. He actually has some plans for getting out of Afghanistan, and has done a fairly good job of starting to get out of a badly tore up and beat down Iraq. He has at least begun to deal with Guantanamo Bay and start getting some of these guys on trial. He managed to get somewhat of a fairer health care system going in the US. He really has done an impressive job in just two years. He isn’t getting the credit he deserves and as a result, we may all end up paying the price. Please, people of the US, refrain from voting for ridiculously stupid right wingers from the Republican Party, and even worse, the Tea Party. And, worse than that, out and out Libertarians. We are counting on you America! Don’t let us down! Those on the right are bad news.

Best wishes…

A concerned citizen of the world.

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