Monday, November 29, 2010

More Gay Hate. Oh GAWD, Spare Us From Your Followers!

My faith in humanity has once again been rocked. My trusted friend, facebook, has brought me a posting from the BBC regarding the persecution of homosexuals in Kenya. Here is the story:

A gay rights activist has criticised Kenya's prime minister for threatening a crackdown on homosexual people....

Okey, dokey. So, this piece of news has been the trigger for a flurry of comments that were posted by BBC fans the world over on BBC News' Facebook page. So, what do some of these fans from the world over have to say?

Ejike Anichebe When evil gather strength to resist the truth, then d world is heading for a ruin. Those who engage in acts that tend to extinct life rather than promote it should ask themselves if their entrance to this world was through that means. If their answer is in affirmative, go forward. If it is negative, they should take a decision to either totally be blinded by their so called crave or craze for freedom/right or seek clearer sight by embrasing the light. Enough of the deception.


Irfan Ahmad Naz Gays should be persecuted..african ppl dont let these western ppl to destroy ur society...

Frederick Otobele In Africa Gay or lesbanism are not practise openly because if you are caught you could be burnt to death. Being gay, lesbian or raping kid is a sign of mental disorder

Grace Muwaga Whatz wrong with some people who think that one is born gay, no one is born gay and that act is not right. People just decide to do the wrong things and come out and defend them. Cows, goats are even more understanding than gays. Gays you need the supernatural being to forgive you.

Osman Sacad it suprises me people who have no principles no rules , yeah dey have trrafic lights for de cars but wen it comes to human being values dey follow their guts they have no respect for human race as whole... dey out-lawed marryng more dan one woman but to be gay is allowed ...dis is insane..dat is how people do wen dey leave out their religion!!

Lazaro Prieto Cortes I'm not African but I agree that gays are acts of evils, we have seen good & evil in this world . We know Satan is real & we can't change a gay' s sick brain therefore we must keep away from Satan & his followers. Good people don't belong to Satan.

Ceasar Joseph Mcgrath hahahahaha! We will arrest all the gays u have no place in africa and mostly KENYA

Ejike Anichebe All these western pals promoting gay here, i pity ur conditions. Homosexuality is not civilization, u morons. Pls enjoy it in ur place & leave africa alone. Nobody is born gay. Go back to ur history & upbringing u will learn that u acquired it. You can still mend ur way if u believe & start thinking like human.

Donald Chibueze Madueke Need i say without equivocation,that God designed man and woman in their different but sexually complementing biological make up .aswell he endorsed sex between them by perempting them to multiply and fill the that as it is,God has never planned for man to lay with his fellow man hence he wouldn't have created the woman.therefore sodomy or homosexuality is an obvious aberration to the natural built of is therefore biblicaly and moraly sinful. its partakers and practice should be refuted in its entirety.

Jamil Lahyani Homosexuality is a disgusting uncurable disease!!!

Mariusz Wiloch I would suggest makin a penalty for gays like it is in Saudia Arabia, prison is not a good choice, dead penalty would be perfect. End of topic.

Ezra Rakim Corleone Gf
‎1 issue pro homosexuals neva get to talk abwt is this...procreation,& these xo called civil rights groups campaining for rights to everything including homosexuality fail on expounding on this issue..honestly is it moral or humane to a chi...ld 2 be raised in such filth were roles r reversed father & mother becomes father(dad) father(mom) & vice versa...& how about this an innocent vulnerable being(obviously adobted!) being nurtured in such an unreasonable filth that will highly likely currpt the mind making 1 end up a faggot! & how r we supposed to ensure continuity of our species if saddly th straight give in 2 ua fallacy?

Holy CRAP. What a load of hate filled garbage this is. And this was just the tip of the iceberg! These people can't be real, can they? Sadly, I think they are. How can people possibly think this way? I cannot fathom it. I cannot understand it. I cannot comprehend it. It's too crazy. It's too disgusting. It's too horrible. It's too scary.

I feel disappointed in the BBC in some ways. I don't advocate restricting free speech, but a lot of this stuff, as far as I am concerned, either borders on, or dives headlong into hate speech territory. I wish the BBC would take some action against some of the more extreme statements being made, but they don't seem to have an interest in doing that. Maybe that's good? I don't know. They are letting people speak for themselves and allowing be open for criticism. They should face criticism, as far as I am concerned. I just wish so many of these people didn't hate so much. I take it back, it's not the BBC's fault that these folks have such horrific things to say.

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