Friday, March 2, 2012

Aliah Bishr, the Homophobe: A New Path?

So, I made a comment on a youtube video where some religious dude was going on about gays and homosexuality, and I commented on what an arrogant, misinformed dick he was...or something to that nature. Then, via twitter, of all places, I got a response from someone, for some reason. And it goes like this:

@aliahmuslimah Homophobic yes and proud, but arrogant, misinformed? Hahaha I laugh, (@YouTube

The link from her twitter profile goes to her facebook account, which was nice.  According to her picture, she is a baby boy. I can never figure out why people use pictures of their kids for their facebook profile picture. It just seems...creepy and weird. Anyway, that isn't the point. Neither is the fact that she has an Etsy store where she sells handmade crocheted items. No, the point is, if you are going to send me a tweet that goes on about how proud you are to be a homophobe, I'm gonna write about it, dammit! Anyone who has read my blog before knows that I ain't gonna let that pass by me!

So, Aliah. You are a proud homophobe. I urge you to cast off the shackles that bind you to homophobia. It appears that in this case, it is your religion. Well, that religion is a yoke, and with that yoke you are carrying two large pails of religious manure. It's time to bid farewell to your religious yoke. You have taken a path that is destructive and mean spirited. It has tainted you and led you astray. It has led you to judge your fellow human on the basis of their sexuality, and I say that you must repent! You must look your god in the face and say that you will not accept his wicked insistence on homophobia. No god worth his weight in gold would hate based on sexuality. This god should be abandoned! Cast out! Tossed aside! Ridiculed! Shunned! You must take a close hard look at your life and the direction you are going in and realize that you are going down the wrong path, one that will lead you to misery and pain. It is a road paved with hatred that must be abandoned. You have chosen wrong, my dear. You must come forth and ask for forgiveness for your sin of homophobia. It is a terrible sin, a disgrace and a shameful act. You must look beyond the hate your god is pushing. You must open up to the reality of the world, toss your religious texts aside, and be to understand! You must move into the now, a time when we know so much more than we did many centuries ago. I feel sorry for you and the path you have taken, which is taking you on the wrong side of history! It is taking you on the wrong side of humanity. You are listening to the wrong guide through this world, one who is leading you desperately astray. But, it's not too late! You can steer clear of the gutter! You can repent! You can change! You can become a better person! You can become normal! You can be free! It's time to say, "Adios, (insert name of deity here)!" You deserve to move into the real world, one of reality. You know longer have to be shackled and chained to religious nonsense and malarky. You, too, can be free, and live a rewarding, fulfilled, and proper life. You can learn to see the world clearly, and make sense of what is around you. You will find guidance, love, life, light and insight in the world outside of the bubble your god keeps you in. Follow the right path. Follow the path of love, light and understanding. Repent! Atone! And welcome, to a new and wonderful, homophobic free life.

Homophobia is nothing to be proud of. It is a failure on the part of some humans to not grasp the reality of what sexuality is. Take a look at this article that I wrote. You may find it very interesting and it may open your eyes and help you to start to see clearly! I hope that you can overcome this character flaw that you have. It is within you to do. I have faith! You can change!

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