Monday, March 18, 2013

Fighting Manitoba's Bill 18: How Low Can They GO!

Good job to you, the religious leaders and school officials in the province of Manitoba who have decided to oppose Manitoba's Bill 18 which aims at creating safe and fair spaces for ALL students in ALL schools in Manitoba and opposes bullying. What's the problem? Oh, students would be allowed to create a Straight-Gay Student Alliance in any school, eh? Oh NO! That would never do!

Wow, religious leaders and school officials opposing this, you have taken the cake when it comes to missing the point. Trying to prevent kids from being bullied, and being able to form groups where they can bond and create a good place to be apparently is something that YOU see as a threat to your "religious freedom". Lovely, just lovely. So, now, you are the victim, or at least that is how you are portraying yourself. The Manitoba Government comes up with legislation to prevent bullying and you get pissed off because it will actually do it's job, and you can't have that, can you?

Good work, I'm sure this is exactly what Jesus would want....people representing him fighting AGAINST a bill that helps create a safe environment in schools for everyone, including LGBT kids. Good work in BEING the bully and setting an example in the community of how the problem of bullying is created.

What IS the fucking problem? Oh, you are against gays and lesbians. Right. Because they are an abomination to god or some ridiculous crap like that? And, you don't want the big bad government forcing legislation on you that will restrict your "religious freedom" while they try to protect the rights of CHILDREN! And you can't have groups in YOUR schools that might suggest that kids who are gay or lesbian are, you know, HUMAN! Of course the thing to do is to continue to alienate LGBT kids and let them know in no uncertain terms that they are WRONG and horrible for choosing that lifestyle.

But WAIT! Here's something that you should know: LGBT kids DON'T choose their lifestyle. They are who they are. It isn't a's a fucking reality! Oh, but, wait, there are many religious CHOICES out there, and you have CHOSEN which religious path to follow....soooooo, YOU are actually the ones who chose your lifestyle. Isn't that interesting? People who actually DID choose their lifestyle wanting protection to discriminate and alienate against people that DIDN'T choose their sexual orientation. Well, isn't that interesting. Fucking idiots!

Sorry, yes, I am unleashing a volley of swears here because this subject absolutely PISSES me off. I can't believe the backlash that Bill 18, which, to steal from the National Post "... is aimed at preventing bullying in schools and promoting equality based on gender, race, sexual orientation and other factors." is actually causing an uproar! And of course, as the NP says, "A section that would require schools to allow gay-straight alliance groups if students wished to establish them has drawn the most criticism." How dare schools that get ANY public money whatsoever have the nerve to talk about their religious freedom when it comes to such an important issue as kids being bullied. Good work, religious leaders who are supposed to be fucking ADULTS in wanting to ensure the "freedom" of their little networks to discriminate and alienate children based on their sexual orientation. Nice job, adults. That's a great message to send to other kids.

Religion in general pisses me off, but this takes the cake I have to say, at least in Canada. It just blows me away how these religious jerks cling so heavily to this notion that "God Hates Fags" without actually saying it out loud, while absolutely ignoring 99 percent of the other things god isn't so keen on. For example, pigs. I wonder how many of those opposed to this bill eat bacon or farmer's sausage? Well, given that much of the opposition we have seen comes from the community of Steinbach where 1,200 people showed up to oppose the legislation are Mennonites, and farmer's sausage is a cultural dish, I would say that there is a whole lot of fucking hypocrisy going on here. If we look at Leviticus, doesn't god specifically say not to eat pigs! What part of this are you fuckers having trouble with exactly? You have no trouble with enforcing the gay thing as you perceive it, but then chow down when it comes to pigs. Ridiculous!

Even as I write this, I seethe with anger and rage. I'm disgusted that this is happening in our province. I'm disgusted that this level of homophobia exists in this province and that people are so against LGBT's that they are actually fighting against legislation to curb bullying. How fucking LOW can you get? I suppose we are going to see in the days and weeks to come just how low these people can actually go.

Sick and sad.

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