Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not Again! Jenny's Bridal Boutique in Saskatoon denies dignity and respect for transgender bride

Oh for GAWD sakes. I can't believe I still have to write about this stuff. How many rants am I going to have to go on about jerks deciding that their products aren't suitable for sale to certain people for ridiculous reasons? This time around, Jenny's Bridal Boutique in Saskatoon decided not to sell a wedding dress to Rohit Singh. Why? She is transgender. Apparently, although Rohit identifies herself as female, the owner of Jenny's Bridal insists that she is a man and can't buy a dress from her precious little bridal shop.

Why must people be like this? A person goes into a shop to by a dress for their of the most special days of so many people's lives...and has to face bigotry and lack of respect? Why? Why does it matter WHO is buying the dress. Even if she identified herself as male, why does it matter? Why can someone not go into a store and buy a wedding dress for whatever reason they wish? Makes no sense to me. But, no, this owner had to be a royal jerk and treat the bride in such a mean spirited and undignified way.

Oh, but it is her store and she can sell to whoever she wants, or not sell to whoever she wants. Really? Really people? That is what some of you are arguing? So this is how we conduct business in Canada? Well, guess what, Rohit is going to file a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, which is her right, and I do honestly hope that this complaint is taken seriously. And she has every right to go to the SHRC. She has every right to go public with her story. And I have every right to support her, and every right to speak out solidly and loudly against Jenny Correia and her decision NOT to sell a dress to Rohit.

Her reasoning? Apparently other people in the store would feel uncomfortable because Jenny sees Rohit as a man, not as a woman. Rohit identifies as a woman. What is so hard to understand here? Will other people feel uncomfortable? Well, sadly, there will be those who do not feel comfortable about it. However, instead of pandering to those who can't handle the idea of being around a transgender person when trying on their dresses, Jenny decided to decline service to Rohit, thus keeping transphobia, discrimination and injustice alive and well in Saskatoon.

But, Ms. Jenny seems to make a habit out of booting potential customers from her store, as she did this once before when she told Alyssa Pomfret, a girl shopping for a graduation dress to leave her store because her wheelchair would get the floor dirty. Apparently the wheels were wet. Wow, how low can a person go?

The question is, why would a person like this bother being in business? If you are just going to turn people away anyway, why bother? I know, I know, you think it is your right and you stand by your decisions and blah, blah, blah. Well, what you did was just plain mean and degrading. It's sad to see something like this happen, and it's sad that people still go to your shop and keep it alive, because, really, you don't deserve to have a successful business if you are going to be horrible to people. You deserve to have an empty store with no customers. 


  1. Thanx to support me...Thnx. Its me Rohit Singh

    1. Any time! Congrats on your wedding!!! Thanks for reading my post...and for inspiring it.

    2. You have national support Rohit!
      You go GRRRRRRL!!!

    3. I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible experience! I'm getting married in a wk & picking out my dress in a small city wasn't easy either but it was atleast far better than what you experienced. I would have been thrilled to be in the store with you while looking for my dress. I hope you find your dream dress soon and are served with all the dignity and respect that you deserve. All the best to you and you fiancee :-)

  2. Great column! I was outraged to hear about this.
    If anyone wants to make a comment to/about Jenny's Bridal boutique, here is an online consumer review for her store. You do have to register for the site & put the date of a "wedding", but as long as the date is not in the future you can then leave a rating & comment about this disgusting store.

  3. Oops! Here's the link to the site"

  4. This place is rude to everyone. Aimee get over yourself. You are in the wrong business if you are bitter about younger more attractive girls coming into your store.
    They dress very unprofessional as well. Fake nice, sarcastic, bitter, rude and a terrible overall experience. I cannot wait till there is more competition in this city. Changing locations will not change the feel of the place inside.

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