Monday, May 13, 2013

Dorje Gurgun is free!

It has been reported that Dorje Gurgun, the Nepalese teacher from Qatar Academy, who was wrongly jailed for alleged blasphemy of Islam has been released and is due to leave the country on Monday, May 13th.

Obviously, this is a happy ending, but also a stark reminder of how dangerous it is to work in Qatar. Dorje represents every expat in the country, who has few rights and is at the mercy of any Qatari that feels crossed and wishes to seek revenge. Fortunately, there are many wonderful Qataris who treat people well. But, it is those who don't that one has to be scared of, who hold a disproportionate amount of power over expats.

When I was an expat in Qatar, I always felt as though I had to watch over my shoulder with a bit of paranoia about "offending" delicate sensibilities. It was a difficult climate to live in, and I felt a weight life when we finally let the country.

I still strongly urge anyone considering working in Qatar to avoid the country. You have few rights there. No matter how good the country looks on paper, no matter how much money you could gain, no matter how tantalizing the idea of living in an exotic country may sound, in my opinion, it is not worth it. There are better options out there. 


  1. Do you mind if I requested you to make a correction in spelling his name, please? It is spelt 'Dorje Gurung'. Thank you.

  2. Whoops! Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know.