Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why Pressure on Mo Ansar is Important.

I promise, this will be my last Mo Ansar post for a while. Honestly, he is one of my favourite subjects, because I find him so bizarrely fascinating. Here is an absolute fraud (documented over and over), who has invented a persona, trying to worm his way into being some grand community leader for Muslims, wanting his face on any TV screen he can find, screaming "ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!!!" all along the way.

I'm tired of professional victims like Mo. You want to know why there might be tensions between communities? Look no farther than Mo. While he talks about unity and diversity, he also calls almost anyone he can "Islamophobic". He is obsessed with Islamophobia to the point where he has rendered the term pretty much useless, although it was never a good term to begin with. And, the fact that he is doing this while being a complete fraud is a bit too much to bear.

So, why should people keep pressuring Mo? I don't see all of those who tweet about Mo as being trolls (twitter is Mo's main platform above any other for spreading the word of Mo, and he has a good amount of critics who keep on top of him). Some are. But, as someone who has decided he wants to thrust himself into the public eye with such vim and vigour, he has now put himself into a position where he must be held accountable for what he does and says. He wanted his position, and now he must deal with his position.

Like much of what he does, he wants the glory but not have to actually work for it. Defending ones statements in a logical, reasoned way, being held accountable for wrong doings and fraudulent statements, etc goes part in parcel with wanting the fame and recognition. And he definitely fails on this end, acting like a child in the face of criticism as opposed to handling it with any amount of grace and dignity. He cannot handle the criticism or the being held to accountability. That is not Mo's thing. Mo can only handle praise and agreement with him. He can't handle disagreement or criticism.

People like Jeremy Duns have done an excellent job in his criticizing of Mo (perfect example, right here in his blog post) and holding him to a level of account, despite the fact Mo refuses to be held accountable for being the fraud he is. And this pressure is valuable. It is important to have a counter voice to Mo's, someone who is in tune with Mo's ways and can provide the information that Mo leaves out, or completely distorts.

A public figure of any sort needs to be held accountable. If a guy wants to parade himself around as some kind of a noble, wise community leader, wants to be on national television, radio and in newspapers, dispensing his views which usually involve him telling everyone how Islamophobic they are, how horrible Britain and the US are for almost everything, saying that Muslims were in America 500 years before Columbus, trying to represent a religion with a self appointed voice of authority, etc, then this man MUST be held accountable. It is not a matter of should he or shouldn't he. It is a matter of must be. No matter how much he would like his critics to go away, not only won't they, but they must not go away. They must keep on him. They must counter him. They must continue to hold him accountable for his statements and actions. 


  1. It seems most of your posts are about Islam or relate to Islam in some way and coming from a non-bias, Christian point of view I can clearly see that you have some kind of underlying hatred for Muslims or the religion itself. Even when you avoid saying things like "all Muslims", it seems you cannot resist attempting to paint Muslims in a negative light, and it is a shame, as it takes away the whole validity of your posts as it seems they are littered with bias. All humans make mistakes but it seems like you take great pleasure in bashing one group of people for their's.. I believe it is time for you to stop focusing on how to negatively paint Islam on the Internet and time for you to start to accept living in a world with Muslims.

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  2. Well, honestly, I do have an issue with Islam. I have found it to be a fascinating religion. I used to live in the Turkey and Qatar and developed a number of opinions about it and do enjoy discussing it. Yes, I do have a number of posts about Islam and Muslims, and many of them are critical of Islam. I don't see this as a problem. I see it as having an honest look at the issues. Any of my views are open to be discussed and I welcome it. And the funny thing is, if I devoted much of my blog to, say, Christianity, I would have no one saying anything about focusing on one group or implying hatred of any sort. It's only when the topic is Islam that it suddenly becomes a problem, which is part of the reason I like to discuss the issue. I feel that I come at it from an honest place. My dislike of aspects of the religion are perfectly valid. There is nothing wrong with disliking things like homophobia, mysoginiy, totalitarianism, etc. And I am not about to shy away from discussing the issues. Throughout my blog I have a wide variety of posts on a whole range of issues, it's just interesting how you have selected to talk about the ones that have to do with Islam.

    1. Exactly right about how you only become a bigot when islam is mentioned

  3. But, regardless, this is a post about Mo Ansar, who is a liar and a fraud, regardless of religion. You have avoided that. This isn't against Muslims or Islam. This is against fraudulent behaviour. This is against someone who has being lying his way through life for years and deserve criticism for that. You have decided to turn this into an anti-Islam/anti-Muslim post as opposed to being a post about one particular, fraudulent individual. And this is part of the overall problem and why Mo needs to be held accountable. Quite honestly, once again, criticism of Mo seems to be met with a claim of Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims. No, this is about ONE GUY...Mo Ansar. This is about one fraudulent individual who continues to lie and refuses to be held accountable, so let's treat this as what it is, shall we, instead of trying to turn this into a "I hate Muslims" kinda of thing, okay Anne or Mo or whatever you might be...:)

  4. And if you look at my posts that are, say, focused on Tamara Johnson, you will see that no one has criticized me for criticizing a Christian, or trying to imply Christianphobia or some great plot against all Christians. I talk about her because of her racism. I talk about Mo because of his fraudulence.