Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Atheist Ramblings V.2: Are Atheists Angry?

Another day, another day of being an atheist. How about that atheism, eh?

Today's topic? Are atheists angry?

Well, that's like saying "Are Muslims terrorists"?

The answer is, no, not all atheists are angry. In fact, there are no shortage of atheists out there who don't even talk about their atheism. There seems to be this view by some that atheists are just loud mouth trouble makers out to ruin everyone's fantasies. Atheists are just mean, angry people that hate god.

Well, whatever.

I would say that over the past several thousand years of heretics and non believers being burnt at the stake or killed in other torturous ways, and the fact that at the moment there are 13 countries in the world (all Muslim majority countries) where atheists face the death penalty, I would say that if atheists are angry, they have a darn good reason to be. 

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